Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Orange Lipstick Can Hide a Tattoo?! Hack or Whack?

In case you were all unaware, I am a tattooed mother. I have three to be exact, so don't think I'm covered in them - although I secretly want to complete my sleeve. 

One is on my upper arm, one is on my back shoulder blade, and one is on my forearm. My shoulder blade and upper arm are easily concealed with a t-shirt, but my forearm is not so easily hidden. Of course if I wear a jacket or a long-sleeve, you won't see it either, but wearing winter/fall clothing, isn't always easily accomplished. 

Unfortunately in today's society, tattoo's aren't always as accepted by potential bosses, especially in a business casual or formal setting. Perhaps you don't have anything to wear that will conceal all your tattoos (like mine on my forearm) or perhaps you have something in a highly visible spot (face, neck, etc). Although it's inconvenient to consistently apply makeup to conceal your art - and I think people should just accept that ink doesn't automatically make you a bad person of some sort - you might not have an alternative. 

While there are a few heavy duty concealers out there to help in this sort of situation, you may not be able to afford them. Well recently I came across a potential hack on Pinterest, that simply said if you use orange lipstick or orange eye shadow underneath ANY concealer, you'll be given a newly refurbished "blank canvas" where your ink once sat.

Personally I don't hide my tattoos, unless I'm cold, but I also know this isn't an option for some, so I thought I would really test out this hack for you all. Perhaps you have a small tattoo that just gives you grief from the bosses or maybe you have a palm sized color-filled tattoo that is causing you to miss out on business opportunities (I know it sucks, just know I accept you as you are, but not everyone is as open-minded, I'm sorry). This may just be your ticket...or it could be a complete waste of time. So to save you all from a potential messy hassle, I thought I'd put it to the test with my very colorful forearm tattoo. 

The "hack" on Pinterest said that any orange lipstick or eye shadow would do and any concealer would do. Seeing as how I had concealer, but no orange lipstick/eye shadow, I set out to Target to pick up the cheapest thing I could find. In the Wet n' Wild area, I found a $0.94 lipstick called "Carrot Gold". I'll have you guys know, it's been really hard to find a good lipstick that's not too red or too coral. This color however, was very true orange so I immediately picked it up and called it a day. 
Once I got home, I found thee most unforgiving light in my house and decided to take pictures with it to really put this "hack" to the test. Which is why there isn't a fancy background or a nice setting. It's a really awkward area in the house, but like I said, I wanted to know if this would sincerely work. 

The steps are as follows (from this particular "hack" meme):

- apply an even coat of orange lipstick
- wait 5 minutes or until tacky
- apply second coat if the tattoo is colored and wait another 5 minutes or until tacky
- apply concealer that matches your arm, in a patting motion, blending outwards
- wait 5 minutes or until mostly dry
- apply second coat if necessary in gentle patting motion, blending outwards
- apply any powder to help set 


I personally decided to use three tools when applying the concealer, to help get a better coverage. All in all, I used my "Age Rewind" concealer, a concealer brush, a beauty sponge, my fingers, and my NYC setting powder (not pictured, but you can see it HERE). 

This is how I personally went about testing this "hack". 

I applied a layer of orange lipstick to the majority of my tattoo, just so I could see how much it truly covered. I waited about 5 minutes and decided I didn't want to apply too much lipstick, as the particular one I chose has a thick consistency. Once it was slightly tacky (almost a sticky feeling), I put some of my "Instant Age Rewind" concealer on my concealer brush and carefully dabbed it all over the orange area. I used my fingers to gently tap the concealer all around, dispersing the product evenly over the orange section, making sure to not rub the product. I used the  blending sponge to blend the concealer outwards onto my "regular" skin, so you wouldn't see this huge change in color.

I don't recommend using the beauty blender to help "spread" the product, as it can actually take off too much product. It's a good thing for you to not use too much product on your face, but in this case you need the product to stay and not have too much come off. 

After about 10 - 15 minutes tapping away at my tattoo and getting the FIRST layer on, I finally felt content with how it was progressing. I could still see the tattoo peaking through, so after about 7 minutes and seeing that it was mostly dry, I carefully applied a second layer using the same gently tapping technique all around. Once that layer was dried, I tapped my powder all over the concealed are and patted it in using the beauty sponge (it was mostly dry at this point). 

After the second layer and a setting powder, I came to the realization that this was the best it would get. How did it turn out? You tell me...

Honestly I am shocked by how much it really covered. Even in this extremely harsh lighting, it isn't noticeable AT ALL. 

I will say that the concealer is a tad lighter than my arm, but if I had the correct color it would've turned out perfectly. 

Also, when it came to the "hairy parts", the concealer is a tad noticeable. After applying the setting powder though, it's a lot less noticeable. Frankly, I don't think people would notice regardless, because they won't be THAT close to your arm. If they are, they need to learn the meaning of "personal bubble". 

I don't think I'll have use for this technique, but you never know. I do know that this may help a lot of you for any obstacles you've been having with your visible tattoos. 

As for dark or tan skin tones, this hack says it works on ALL skin tones. I personally don't know, because my arm's are pretty darn light, but if you have a different gorgeous skin tone and decide to test this out, please let me know! I'd love to be able to include it in this review!!!

Even though it takes diligence, patience, and a lot of patting. I guess you can look at it this way, if you really need something to be covered or disappear, you won't have to worry anymore about paying a hefty price!!! 

Hack or Whack? I say hack indeed!

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