Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Return of the Temporary Chaos.

If you recall a few months back, I mentioned about having our apartment in temporary chaos while our landlord had a company do a cautionary spray all over, to prevent bugs. (click HERE to check out that post) Well apparently they want to do a round two to finish the job. This - unfortunately - meant I had to pack up the whole house again. Lucky us. 

My uncle came to help us today and will be spending all day with us tomorrow - because we have to be out for 6 to 8 hours - AND helping me clean up this mess. 

I have to say, I don't know what I would do without having him this time around. Last time I was overwhelmed with anxiety and stress from having to handle everything by myself, along with trying to make sure my son was happy. Seeing as how I am also doing home school, I needed this extra support. 

Tomorrow we plan on doing errands, eating some delicious food, and keeping our minds away from what's awaiting us for tomorrow night and Thursday. Cleaning, organizing, cleaning, and organizing. Oh, and cleaning. 

It's moments like this that I wish I was an extremely wealthy person who could afford maid service. Actually I don't think I'd even hire a service if I was, because I don't like people putting away things for me and I feel like things are never clean enough. Goooo anxiety!!!

Seeing as how I didn't do much today, I don't really have much for you guys. I didn't want to leave anyone hanging though and I will post pics of our adventures tomorrow. Hopefully it will be exciting and filled with delicious goals. 

My house just looks like a mini hoarder house. It's driving me absolutely bonkers!!!! Thankfully everything will be over soon and order shall soon be restored. I will say that when I see everything disarrayed, I think of how I can re-organize and move furniture around to create a new look for the apartment. Regardless, I just want it to be the weekend. When all of this will be over! Until then I'll just be pushing through and focusing on one day at a time. 

Talk to you all tomorrow my lovelies. Hopefully your having less chaos than me. 

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