Thursday, November 3, 2016

2 Sick Peas in a Pod.

It's official. I'm sick.

My little padawan has been sick for a few days now and while I really thought I was dodging whatever ailment had taken him over, I woke up to realize I was mistaken. With a dry, scratchy throat, I realize that my time has come. 

I have to keep reminding myself that this too shall pass, because right now I'm just frustrated. When it comes to colds, I can deal with the coughs, sneezes, runny nose, aches, and everything else that tends to happen, except for sore throats. I can't sleep, eat, talk, or breathe without pain. It's the worst part of having a cold in my eyes. 

Unfortunately that's exactly what I'm experiencing and as time has gone on today, it's only gotten worse. No matter how much tea I drink or medicine I take, it's not going away. So it looks like I'm in this for the long haul...or at least the next few days. 

My padawan however, is getting better. Which is great, because a restless sick 5 year old is worse than being sick myself. 

I was able to get most of our Christmas decorations up today though - slowly, but I did it - and it really lifted my little one's spirits. He was so happy to see the twinkling lights, glowly slowflakes, and miniature town. 

I may be getting sick, but at least I was able to accomplish one thing today. Along with home school of course. Now I'm just going to get some rest and try to help this pass as quick as possible. No worries though, I still have a food review for you all tomorrow. In sickness and in health, I'm here to blog!

I love you all and I hope you had a healthier Thursday than I have. I'll talk to you all tomorrow with a very special "wintery" themed food review for you all! You don't want to miss out on it, that's for sure!

Goodnight from sick momma and her sick padawan. 

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