Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Minute Glitter Reindeer DIY!

We only have 25 days until Christmas, which means that - if you haven't already - you'll probably be pulling out all the decor boxes you've been storing for this most magical time of year. I don't doubt that you might also check out the local stores, for new decor pieces to add to your festive arrangements. If not, that's totally cool, but if you are I suggest not buying the decor right away. 

I know that sometimes we don't want the hassle of making stuff and we figure that we can't recreate the beauty we see in stores, but you'd be surprised what you can make with a little patience and inspiration!

I can't even tell you how many times I've walked into Target and fallen in love with their Christmas decor, only to be deterred from buying it simply due to the price. Instead of getting down in the dumps about now filling my wall with the cute reindeer pictures that would've "tied the room together" (which is what I tell myself every time I buy a new decoration piece), I decided to make my very own for a fraction of the price! Not only was it incredibly cheap, but it was insanely easy to DIY. So obviously I had to share this trick with you all and hopefully show you guys that you don't have to spend a fortune to get in the holiday spirit! 

White Canvas (I used a total of 3)
Gold Glitter
Red Glitter
Mod Podge
Ribbon *optional*

When it comes to the white canvas', you can pick up packs of them at Michael's (on sale right now for around half off), for relatively cheap. The size of canvas will all depend on you and your preference. As for the ribbon, I chose to hang up the canvas' this way, but you could easily frame them. 

Process for REGULAR reindeer:
1. Find a reindeer (our whatever you'd like to be on your canvas) outline online, then either freehand, trace, or print it out. I found mine on Pinterest (see HERE). 

2. Cut out the inside of the reindeer outline, allowing for you to have a clean stencil. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you just need a base.

3. Trace the inside on your canvas with a pencil LIGHTLY. This will all you to make any adjustments on the canvas afterwards, without leaving any distinguishing marks. 

4. Carefully "paint" the inside of your reindeer head outlined on the canvas, making sure to not apply too much especially on the outer rim, or else you will blob the antlers together. You want enough Mod Podge to allow for the glitter to stick, but not too much for a weird looking pile of goop. If you do find that you put too much, simply dampen a paper towel and carefully dab - or wipe - away the excess glue.

5. Immediately after the Mod Podge has been "painted", sprinkle the gold glitter all over the glue area generously. DO NOT MOVE THE CANVAS. Mod Podge and glitter can slide around if you move the canvas too quickly. Just apply enough glitter on the surface and wait, preferably overnight. 

6. When it's dry - or at least mostly dry, carefully lift the canvas and tap off any extra glitter onto a paper towel or paper plate. You can reuse it. Then gently wipe away any stray glitter specks that tend to hold on for dear life on the canvas. 

7. To finish it off, spray a LIGHT coat of hairspray over the top, to allow for the glitter to firmly set onto the canvas. This will keep the glitter from shedding and creating a never-ending mess. 

Easy, right?! I know it's not TECHNICALLY 5 minutes - since you have to wait for it to dry - but the overall process - minus dry time - is approximately 5 minutes. It was so easy and while the ears may look a bit "off", I actually like them. So does my padawan. 

To make a ribbon holder, all you have to do is cut a strip of ribbon and hot glue both ends to the back of your canvas, creating a "hanger". Like I said prior, you can always frame them for extra "oomph". 

To create a Rudolph glittered reindeer, the process is very similar with a mild tweak. 

Process for Rudolph:
1. Use your reindeer stencil once again, just as you did for the regular reindeer. 

2. Trace the reindeer onto a clean canvas, only this time you need to draw a circle in the area you'd like Rudolph's bright red nose to be.

3. "Paint" the Mod Podge in the same delicate manner as I expressed for the regular reindeer, except DON'T put any glue on Rudolph's nose. 

4. Immediately after, sprinkle your glitter generously and let it dry overnight.

5. Clean off any stray glitter sparkles and then spray a light coat of hairspray, trying to avoid the circle. It's ok if a little get's in the nose area, it won't affect the outcome. 

6. After a few seconds of additional dry time, apply Mod Podge into the circle area, being aware that if you put too much glue, the glitter will start to mix in. Once your satisfied, sprinkle in some red glitter, focusing onto JUST the nose area.

7. Let it dry overnight. This is highly recommended or else you could end up with a very messed up Rudolph in need of a rhinoplasty.

8. Once you've given Rudolph ample time to dry, carefully tap off the excess glitter UPSIDE DOWN. This will reduce any stray red glitter sparkles, mixing in with the gold. If you find that a few of the red pieces are still sitting in places they shouldn't, CAREFULLY brush them off. This is why we hairspray-ed the gold glitter first, to reduce any being rubbed off. Please be aware that your nose may not be an absolute perfect circle - mine isn't - but it really won't be visible. 

9. Hairspray Rudolph's new nose and bask in the glory of your artistic skills! 

If you want to hang him with the ribbon, just repeat the process as I mentioned above and you'll have yourself a newly DIY-ed Christmas wall decor. 

I made 2 regular reindeer and 1 Rudolph, with Rudolph sitting in the middle. I absolutely love how these guys looked and if I'm being perfectly honest with you all, this will be their 3rd Christmas. That's right, I've had these bad boys for 3 years and no problem storing them. They still look fabulous if you ask me!

As you can see, I'm quite proud of my beauties and really it only cost me the price of 3 canvas', which were on sale at Michael's when I purchased them. Even at regular price and if I had purchased the glitter along with Mod Podge, it still ends up being cheaper than the reindeer I saw at Target. It just goes to show that while Target may be amazing and a curse at the same time, it doesn't have to break the bank when it comes to Christmas decor. That goes for any store really! If you see something you love, try to make it and you'll love it even more!!!

I hope you guys have had a good week so far! Don't forget to enter my Winter Giveaway HERE! There's only 2 days left to enter! Good luck Jedi's!!!

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