Tuesday, November 8, 2016

50 Things To Be Thankful For This Election.

The 2016 USA presidential election has so many people on edge with who's going to rule for at least the next 4 years. Half of this country is going to end up very upset by the end of the night, which can make for a grump-filled Wednesday. Really, the mood could stick in "pissed off" mode for the next week or so. With such a dramatic difference in how our country could be ran, it's no wonder we're all biting our finger nails in anticipation on what's to come, but instead of ranting and raving about your political preference not winning, let's take a time to just be thankful! We are days away from Thanksgiving, so let's just stick with those cheery faces during this trying time. 

I know it can be hard to be optimistic at times, so I thought I'd give you a 50 reasons for every state in the United States, to be absolutely thankful during this time: 

1. You're alive.
2. Aliens haven't taken over.
3. Turtles exist. 
4. Tacos.
5. YouTube videos of people failing at everyday things. 
6. Netflix. 
7. It's almost Christmas.
8. The sun will rise again.
9. Music.
10. Pizza.
11. Cat videos.
12. Dog videos.
13. Dreams.
14. Flowers.
15. Free museums.
16. Free Slurpee day at 7/11.
17. Instagram doesn't show your crush that you've seen their page 546876868 times today.
18. Slinky's.
19. Nancy Drew.
20. Angela Lansbury aka Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote.
21. Cake.
22. Technology let's us snapchat ugly selfies to our bestfriends.
23. God.
24. Crayons.
25. Adult coloring books.
26. The fact that the Apple store won't kick you out for using their laptops for hours. 
27. Virtual reality trials at the Microsoft store.
28. Video games.
29. Target.
30. Trader Joe's.
31. Tea.
32. Thrift stores.
33. Michael Buble's Christmas album (pray for his son).
34. Topless pictures of Brock O' Hurn.
35. Books.
36. Dollar Tree.
37. The fact that Costco can't comment about you taking too many samples. 
38. The beach.
39. Burgers.
40. The reject button on your phone.
41. Movies.
42. Cheese.
43. Amazon.
44. Chickens (they are so freaking adorable).
45. Star Wars.
46. Harry Potter.
47. Makeup in general.
48. You get to vote.
49. Pinterest.
50. You can read.

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Some of these may not suffice you personally, but I feel we should rejoice in kindness and just be thankful overall. 

Today I read a very accurate statement on social media from a friend of mine. It doesn't matter who's president, because it's up to us to make America work. I know life can get stressful and busy, but believe me, it could always be worse. Hopefully this will inspire you to take a deep breath no matter the outcome tonight (or with any situation you're in) and look for the brighter things in life. 

Life's too short to be upset, so hold your head up high and be thankful that you can eat a taco while watching hilarious videos on YouTube and rejecting those phone calls from unwanted callers!

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