Thursday, November 10, 2016

DIY Travel Mug For Only $1!!!

Yesterday I showed you all the glorious finds in my Christmas haul (see that post here). In the midst of it all, I talked about future DIY's for the Christmas season and today is the first of many to come! So let's cut the chit chat and get into this beautiful DIY that only costs $1!!!

I bring to you all a very special Christmas travel mug!

What you're going to need is the following:
Travel Mug from Dollar Tree (specifically marketed as a DIY, not a regular one) - $1
Pens, crayons, colored pencils
A pencil

Now I briefly talked about it yesterday (as I already mentioned), but basically the gist of it is that you have a Dollar Tree travel mug that  out can essentially design for any season, events, or just because! Making this the perfect gift for kids when you add pictures, their drawings, or simply their name. The overall concept is relatively easy and I'm going to show you just HOW easy.

First you start off with your $1 travel mug (so far I've only noticed green and red colored lids) and take it apart down the end, which should give you 4 pieces: a lid, the drinking container (same color as the lid), the designs container (clear), and the design itself. 

Once you have it all separated, go ahead and wash all the parts, making sure to FULLY dry all the pieces before reassembling the mug. Fast forward to a clean, dry mug. 

Now comes to the fun part, art! The travel mug has 2 pieces of paper: the original fully colored design that you purchased the mug with and a blank coloring paper with a black and white design for you (or the kiddos) to color. You also have a third option, you can DIY! All that's needed to complete your DIY, is to just trace one of the pre-designed papers onto a blank sheet and use that as your stencil. 

With your stencil, you can then proceed to designing your very own picture or even print out (and paste) a few pictures you'd like to be showcased. For me, I went with a mini Christmas collage and detail certain parts semi-sporadically with glitter. 

When everything is dry, put your design into the mug's design container, screw in the drinking container, and you're ready to go! Easy right?! I told you!

Some key tips to keep in mind for this project are that you can NOT put this in the dishwasher and when you are washing the lid and drinking container, be sure to once again disassemble the entire thing so you don't get your design wet. Also make sure that the entire set up is dry once again, to save your design. Do not put them in the microwave or freezer, as I don't know how well it will hold up. 

A few ideas you can use these for (regardless the lid color) would be:

Field trips with the kids picture and name on it
Christmas parties where the guests can design it themselves
Photo collage
And even a secret bank! 

That's right, you can use this to store extra cash when out and about. Just out the money behind the design and twist on the drinking container. Just don't leave the mug anywhere! 

And with everything put back together and re-designed by your creative self, you'll be left with a personalized travel mug. The perfect mug for hot cocoa, coffee, or hot apple cider, while out on cold nights looking at Christmas lights, along with other fun Christmas adventures! 

Like this Christmas DIY? Believe me, there are way more to come! Don't forget, tomorrow is food feature Friday! Which means I'll be posting about a special food with a full review, so don't forget to check in tomorrow! Much love to you all and may the force be with all you beautiful Jedi's.

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