Friday, November 4, 2016

Featured Food Friday #2: Wintry Blend.

Finally some content to be proud of!

I know I've said this all week, but I truly am sorry for the lack of excitement here on TWRC. I've been sick, my padawan has been sick, and we just stuck to being in bed all week. Thankfully I was able to prepare a really exciting food review for you all this week and I'm happy to announce that little guy and I are getting better. My son is almost completely out of the woods - rambunctiousness and all - and my sore throat has started to disappear. If it's completely gone by tomorrow I know I'll be just fine - even though I knew it wouldn't be a horrific experience. Now that my apologies and explanations have been given, let's get into why you're all here, food.

Ok it's more like drink. Fine, it's coffee, but seriously this is something I absolutely have to share with you all. 

In between coughing and sniffling, we had to make a trip to Trader Joe's for a few items specifically to eat while we were/are sick. While I was practically sprinting through the store like a mad women to get my son home as quick as possible, I came across a new coffee that wasn't specially displayed. I was in desperate need for my morning caffeine and quite frankly I was just going to repurchase my typical blend, but when I saw the word "wintry", I freaked. You see, I'm a sucker for all things winter and/or "Christmasy", food and drinks are no different, so seeing as how this blend of coffee is literally called "Wintry Blend' with a picture of a snow covered village, I was intrigued. 

I picked up the beautifully blue packaged 14 oz. tub of coffee and proceeded to read what ultimately had me hooked. The words were, "Smooth, Spirited, and Lively." Tell me that doesn't sound like thee most festive coffee "logo" ever? I'm not a "pumpkin spice" or "chai" person, so I was a little skeptical when I realized it was a spice-style coffee, but seeing cinnamon as an ingredient convinced me I made a good decision. Besides, I would've never forgiven myself for not buying a coffee that could potentially speak to the inner child in me - no I didn't drink coffee as a child, I just meant in a euphoric sense that resembles Christmas time. For only $7.99, I had to know. 

Once all the groceries were purchased, I whisked us away in the car and headed straight home to unpack the car of our "goodies", make tea and soup for my son, then once he was comfortable, make myself a cup of joe. Needless to say, I was really really excited. Also a tiny bit anxious, because if I hated it, I would be stuck with it for the next few mornings and drinking nasty coffee would not have been a great way to start each day. 

Warning: This next part can be viewed as a bit poetic, but also a bit corny. If you are sensitive to sappy-ness, skip the next paragraph. Thank you. 

Upon opening the metallic seal, I was pleasantly greeted by an aroma so subtle yet so beautiful. The sweet cinnamon was noticeable once I moved in closer for a better whiff, which gave me instant gratification for my new purchase. It took me back to Christmas dinners at my abuela's (grandma in spanish) house, when she would make these logs and hot cocoa that could only be explained as heaven in my belly. Each sniff was like experiencing a jolt of wondrous memories that I never wanted to end. How could I ever live without this glorious scent?!

Unfortunately I'm going to have to after the season is over, seeing as how it's a limited time item for the - you guessed it - Christmas season. I will be honest with you all, I may have to go buy them out and stock up on my new precious find before the year is over. Yes it was THAT good.

Now I'm sure you're all thinking, "Surely you're not stocking up on an item just because it smells good, are you?" People have done far more for far less, but no I'm not just going crazy over this product for it's smell. Once I pulled my face away from the container, I proceeded to make myself a fresh batch of Wintry Blend coffee using my French press. 

Do you want to know what happened? I'll tell you what happened. I almost drank the whole container, THAT'S what happened!

It's even better than it smells! The slight scent of sweet cinnamon can be tasted in every sip, without it being overwhelming, and blends perfectly with the peppercorns and cloves. It's thee smoothest coffee I've ever placed on my tongue and it's rich flavor was a creamy delight. Pure decadence without a doubt. 

They say it's not an "every day coffee" - probably because you want "wake me from the dead coffee" at times - but to me, this is an "every day of my life until I've kicked the bucket" coffee. I have a sweet tooth no doubt, but this isn't too sweet to where you feel like you've licked a frosting filled spoon, it's sweet like toned down cinnamon hot cocoa, without the cocoa flavoring. I know it probably doesn't make perfect sense to some, but if you just treat your taste buds to this stunning creation, you will find that it's incomprehensible taste is something you will forever search for when you can't drink this. It will become a part of your "coffee scale grade", as you go out to search for a good cup of joe on your adventures. I know there are probably even more miraculous coffees out there that aren't sold in a store, but to be honest with you all, I'd rather have some coffee that I love and can have a bundle of, because why would I just want an excellent cup of coffee on a random day. I want that EVERY day. 

Overall it's something I never want to end. If I could drink this before bed and not get hyper - it doesn't make you wired or experience an overwhelming amount of exhaustion when "coming down" - I would drink it non-stop. It's the cup of coffee I will turn to when I want a nice warm mug to cuddle up with or to transform into an iced coffee on the go. Regardless of it's temperature, it's something I absolutely recommend. With the cold creeping in - or possibly knocking at your door as you read this - you will want this in your cupboard. If you happen to go to Trader Joe's and notice that they are completely sold out, only to have the worker tell you some crazy lady walked in and bought every single jar they owned, it was me. If you're nice, I may share my stockpile...maybe. I know it's the season of being thankful and giving back, but this is my coffee darn it! Alright, you can have some. I'll be nice. 

And there you have it guys! A new featured food that is a must buy! Before you start to think that all of these featured food's will be positive, they won't be. There could be times where I try a really "hyped" food item that simply isn't worth spending a penny on. Of course that wasn't the case today, but it truly could happen and I will share that with you all! In the meantime, have an awesome weekend and I hope you stay healthy! Luckily this gunk seems to be passing out of our systems relatively quickly, so next week should be more interesting for you all! 

I love you guys and let me know if you decide to try the Wintry Blend at Trader Joe's! I would love your opinion on it. Talk to you all Monday. Keep on rockin' Jedis.

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