Friday, November 18, 2016

Featured Food Friday #4: Limited Edition Heaven in a Cookie!

Christmas time is easily the greatest time of year for numerous reasons. From the lit up streets to the cheerful glee in [most] people's presence, it's a time of joy and happiness in a wide variety of ways. One of them being the simple fact that festive food takes shape in delicious forms with an abundance of availability. 

Now, I don't know if it's the whole "want what I can't have" that hypes my anticipation for the limited edition goodies during this season, but in all honesty, I don't care. They are deliciously addicting, so I'm warning you now that you may or may not go on a binge with these delectable finds that I'm going to share with you all tonight. 

Confession time: I actually discovered this mouth watering treat last year on a whim, but unfortunately it was towards the end of the Christmas season. That meant that I had to wait an entire YEAR for these to come back. Thankfully my wait is over and now I can share them with all of you! Virtually of course. These are mine. No offense.

Last week it dawned on me that I was missing out on one of my favorite holiday treat found in stores, White Fudge covered Oreo's! You read that right. Oreo's covered in a beautiful layer of white fudge. Sounds like something straight out of a fantasy book, doesn't it? Well it's real, but act fast! They are limited edition!

One box of 12 flavorful white fudge Oreo's, will cost you around $3, which [in my opinion] is worth every penny. I know you're probably thinking that these small circles must be way too sweet to devour on their own, but you'd be presently surprised. 

When you take a bite, you're greeted with a smooth covering of white fudge that compliments the immediate sensation of crunchy from the Oreo that's being smothered on the inside, in a good way. I myself - although I do have a sweet tooth - find them perfect with or without milk. They aren't overwhelmingly sweet like a triple chocolate mouse cake for example. The white fudge is less sweet than frosting per se, but sweeter than a frosting-less cupcake. A nice medium I would say. 

Not only are they a perfect dessert - or midnight snack - to fill up on after dinner - or when the kids have gone to bed, but they also make an excellent additional ingredient to a few other simple desserts. For example, vanilla ice cream and a few of these white fudge oreo's broken up inside, makes for a perfectly creamy guilty pleasure. Another way would be to bake one of these in some cupcakes (either broken up or with one of the cookies placed on the bottom of the batter prior to pouring in).

My favorite way to enjoy these exquisite cookies, is to let them get nice and cold in the fridge then feast on them like pieces of popcorn. I am completely guilty of stocking up on these, only to guzzle them down in days. I'm trying to slow down (my face would surely like me to, that's for sure - acne), but they are just so darn good. 

My word of advice would be to go out to Target, Walmart, or your grocery store (I believe they're sold almost everywhere packages of Oreo's are sold) and pick yourself up a box or two, before they're gone again! Luckily the stores seem to be really good about keeping these in stock, at least my Target is! If you do pick up these delightful cookies, be sure to try at least one of them cold, then tag me on Instagram with your gorgeous picks on how you chose to consume these alluring goodies!

Have an amazing (and safe) weekend Jedi's and I hope your pre-Thanksgiving weekend is filled with magnificent adventures and appetizing eats!

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