Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Groceries for a Sick Toddler.

Another sick day in bed with padawan.

Thank God I haven't gotten sick myself - knock on wood I don't - but my poor little guy has just been having a rough time with this nasty bug. He was able to get some rest last night and only woke up 1 or 2 times, which meant I actually got some rest myself, but he hasn't been as high spirited today. His appetite hasn't been as good as yesterday, although he still managed to drink enough liquids to stay hydrated. 

We had to go to the grocery store to pick up more medicine and food for padawan and that was an adventure in itself. I know he needed a little fresh air, so I wasn't too concerned, plus the grocery store is fairly close. So I dressed him a nice warm onsie, threw a jacket on him, covered a blanket over him, and set out to get what we needed. He was so limp and defeated from coughing all day, so he was carried the whole time when he wasn't in the shopping cart. My back is very mad at me now, because of it. 

After a quick stop at Ralph's for medicine, Vix rub, soup, Elderberry gummies, Gatorade, and bread - along with a few other things - we ran next door to Trader Joe's, so I could pick up Mac and Cheese, Pineapple Juice, and ground coffee. I've been running on zero caffeine, which hasn't been too awesome. 

I was speeding through the stores to get in and out as quick as possible. Apparently I had a very determined look on my face, because one lady even said, "You look like a mom on a mission haha." She has no idea how right she was. 

Thankfully the entire trip took about 30 minutes, most of which was spent in line and finding parking. 

Back at home I rubbed more Vix on his chest and feet, gave him a little cough medicine, poured him a glass of pineapple juice, and made him a bowl of soup. Yes it's top ramen (he had a craving for it), but don't worry, I don't use the entire salt/flavor packet. 

Throughout the day we did a little schooling online so he would stay in bed, watched a few shows that he likes, and rested as much as I could get him too. Hopefully with all this rest he will get better sooner. I really miss having my rambunctious little jedi-in-training running around. I'm just blessed to know that this is only temporary. 

I watch this vlogger family on YouTube (momsvlog80) and it's a daily reminder on how lucky I am. I pray for that family and while it's very entertaining (her family is so funny together and she's such an inspiration), it breaks my heart at times to see how much they go through daily. 

Now it's time for bed and if things repeat themselves like they did last night, I should be able to get a few extra winks and some coffee tomorrow morning. I'll be decorating the apartment in
Christmas decor to try and lift up my padawan's spirit. 

Happy Dia De Los Muertos to you all and here's to the souls we've lost. They may be gone, but they are never forgotten. I know that I've personally lost a few I miss daily, but I know they are out of pain and suffering. 

Have a wonderful night guys and I'll see you all tomorrow. I know the past few blog posts haven't necessarily been that entertaining and I truly do appreciate those who have stuck with me. I love you all and I will be back to doing DIY's, food reviews, tips and tricks, along with all the other fun stuff I normally try to do. I also do have a review ready for Friday, so at least you'll have one awesome post! 

See you all tomorrow jedi's!

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