Thursday, November 17, 2016

How To Make A Customized Desk For Under $35!!!

This past Monday I typed my frustrations out on the blog, in an effort to get some feed back and let out my anxiety. I had been struggling to "oomph" my room and solve my desk problem, but I was struggling with the idea of getting rid of anything in my room. I love all my items simply because they are unique and were free. Well I haven't stopped thinking about it and I drew my heart out (see the blog post HERE to understand what I mean). I knew that if I hadn't continuously gotten this thought onto a piece of paper, I'd make a rash decision only to regret it later. 

After countless blueprints drawn up, I decided I knew what I wanted. The only stipulation was that I had to be open minded in how I obtained my want. For example, I knew that I wanted a desk with a drawer, but I was willing to settle if the desk itself had ample space for my necessities. I also knew the color scheme I was going for, but I had to be flexible in how I recreated the image in my head. So my little padawan and I set out yesterday on a mini scavenger hunt, trying to find the perfect item. I knew that it was a long shot and I convinced myself that coming home empty handed was better than coming home remorseful. 

Now, I had already visited Ikea, Target, Walmart, Living Spaces, and Goodwill these past few days, trying to get an idea on where to best find what I was looking for. After searching a little more at Ross yesterday, I came to the conclusion that the best option was going to have to be a DIY. There was no cheap option that would suit my needs and please me greatly. I didn't make too big a fuss though, because DIY is always welcomed in my home!

So we took one final trip to Ikea, where I purchased the foundation of my desk. In the clearance section, I found a white table top (normally priced at $20.00) for only $11.99. The only thing wrong with it was the tiniest scratch in a corner that could easily be hidden (honestly, it was so tiny I barely noticed it). Then I bought the cheapest legs they sell, which ran for $4 a piece. The only down side was that they were blue. Not a pretty turquoise or teal blue (because lord knows I would've jumped on that band wagon in a heartbeat), but a cobalt blue. It was FAR from what I was going for/needed/wanted. Seeing as how everything only cost me $28, I was pleased with my finds. The only thing left was to spruce up the legs and make this desk my own! While at Ikea, I also found a small white shelf ($3) and some cheap 50 cent brackets, along with a pack of magazine holders (4 for $1). 

Luckily there's a Michael's right down the street from my Ikea, so we dropped by really quick and picked up some metallic gold paint ($3 with a coupon, but normally $6), right after buying our goods from Ikea. The Target next to Michael's was calling our name, so of course we took a peak. I had to buy some dinner anyways. It was there at Target that I found a cute little wooden box and a small metal basket that was the perfect shade of turquoise, only costing me $4. 

Once everything was purchased, we went straight home and got to work. Unfortunately it was already dark (darn daylight savings), which resulted in semi-dark photographs. I did take a few this morning though, to try and make up for everything else. Why didn't I wait until morning to handle the project? Because gosh darn it, I wanted this desk up and running!!! Also I can be incredibly impatient sometimes. 

I immediately got to work and started spray painting the ugly blue (no offense) legs, the black shelf brackets, and a few other miscellaneous items that I thought would be awesome to bring the desk (and my room) together. 

Among the gold spray paint victims were my stapler, my scissors, an old dark blue vase, the brackets, the legs, the label holder on my small wooden box, and a small white plastic organizer that I've had for years. I also painted a few items turquoise (the leftover spray paint from my bike project, which you can check out HERE) to tie in the colors I love, but only a small mason jar that my son decorated with stickers (for my pencils and scissors) and the inside of my small wooden box. 

The small wooden box was painted white on the outside. With the gold label holder, a turquoise inside, and a white outside, I felt like it was a perfect addition to my desk layout! 

With everything in place, the only thing left to do was wait for things to dry, assemble everything, and decorate! I decided to use my old wooden tv stand/side table, as an added area for my printer. The positioning of the stand I'm still playing with (whether or not to pull it all the way out or leave it half under the desk), but so far I freaking love everything about it! It's the perfect size, it gives me ample room, each decoration piece serves a perfect purpose, and my trinkets compliment the section beautifully! To me, it's amazing and the fact that I made it with my padawan's help makes it even better!

I was even able to place my pencils from a haul I did with my planner a while back (see that post HERE). They matched wonderfully. I may add a few other trinkets over time here and there (a separate business card holder in rose gold, a clear and rose gold vase with white flowers, and a rose gold framed picture of my son and I), just so I can finish off the colors I really want. In case you're wondering, I'm going for a turquoise/teal, gold, white, and rose gold theme. So far so amazing! 

I was initially going to use a white and grey marbled contact paper on the desk top, to give a little bit of a "classy" feel, but I think it would be too much for me. I'm not THAT fancy. 

Only thing really left on my semi immediate "To Do" list, is to DIY a faux fur chair/stool. Of course I'll let you guys in on the details when it happens, here on the blog. For now though, I'm thrilled with how much better of a functional feel my room has. It has everything I need and more. As for my old roll top desk, it's still here. I re-positioned it in my room and now it's serving as a makeup and art desk! More details about that later, along with an upcoming makeup review! With every color making a powerful combination in my room, I'm finally able to go to sleep at night feeling like I have a "put together" room. For all those who have anxiety, you know what a weight that is off my shoulders at night! Especially with only having spent $35 on my customized masterpiece, $40 if you count my organizers and decor pieces. 

Until tomorrow my beautiful Jedi's! May your DIY's be gorgeous and your days be delicious. 

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