Monday, November 28, 2016

"Moana" Movie Review AND Winter Box Giveaway!!!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope all has gone well without any trouble. For those of you that went shopping on Black Friday, I hope you're basking in the glory of your cheap finds! I stopped by Target yesterday and noticed that they still had a few TV's on sale for extremely cheap, along with a store wide 15% discount going on - including clearance. I was able to snatch up a pair of pointy lace-up flats for under $7 (normally $24.99 - shared the pic on Instagram), because they were on clearance AND the 15% off was applied to them. It's so awesome when you walk out with something you've been wanting for so incredibly cheap! 

On Saturday my mom and step-dad took my padawan and I to see the much anticipated movie, "Moana". I have to be perfectly honest with you guys, I've been super excited for this movie! I'm a Disney fan, so any movie they produce I'm almost sure to see. This was no different. After sitting down with our popcorn and embracing the wonderful music that is intertwined throughout "Moana", I now have quite a few opinions on this film. 

WARNING: Mild spoilers are sprinkled throughout this review. While I won't spoil the ending or the entire plot line, there may be a few things you'd prefer to experience for yourself. Personally I don't think they are major spoilers nor do they harm your viewing experience, but I thought I'd give this warning regardless. 

The entire movie is based on the story of a young girl (Moana), who goes through life constantly wondering who she's meant to be. Her father - the chief - has her life "planned out" as she's next in line for the "throne". She is meant to keep her people safe on the island, without ever sailing past the reef. The frustration that Moana has inside of her is very apparent, seeing as how she feels this constant connection to voyaging beyond the given restrictions. 

With a little "nudge" from her grandma, she decides to set forth and make things right for her village. A few "deadly" things start to take place in the village, so Moana's mother - while hesitant - supports her in her journey and hugs her goodbye. 

As Moana sets out to find the demi-God people once saw as a hero - and now a destroyer, she is confronted with questions, doubts, and ultimately determination. Prior to leaving, her grandmother reveals to her the truth about their ancestors, which caused this instant drive deep inside Moana.

Once Moana finds the demi-God and eventually convinces him to help her make things right, the audience then gets to witness the making of Moana as a women who's capable of truly leading her people. She's put through the ringer of tests and even gets to a breaking point - just like us all, but in the end she makes things right by deciding that there is more to people that what they merely show on the outside. Moana takes this lesson to heart as well and once she returns home, she is seen as a true hero. 

I know much of this may not make sense at this exact moment, but if you watch the movie it will. 

I was captivated by the graphics and the story line. I really enjoyed that the only "love story" that took place throughout the movie, was that of family love and earth love. The music was excellent and each song was beautifully written - just like most Disney movies. The characters grab your attention and I even had a few tearful moments. 

"Moana" holds the position of "tearjerker" and "family oriented" movie of the year for me. My favorite sideline character is the chicken by far, but as a main character, Moana is an amazing inspiration for girls and boys everywhere. To teach the children that their passions don't have to align with what makes everyone else happy, is a message I can stand behind whole-heartedly.

My overall review is this: I want to actually own this movie and re-watch it 13214564641 times. I know I didn't have this similar feeling with the "Trolls" movie (see that here), regardless of it being a good movie, but "Moana" is one that I wish to have as a hard-copy. 

Out of 5 stars, I give this movie a 10. I may be a bit biased due to my love of Disney, but I really encourage you to see this movie with your little ones. Quite a few parents - and grandparents - got a kick out of this movie, so you won't be bored out of your mind. Plus, there isn't a really annoying - yet seemingly catchy - song that your kids will be blatantly screaming out loud on the top of their lungs for months to come. So there's that too. 

Now for the giveaway...

On Friday's post (see here) I mentioned that I was hosting a giveaway this week and guess what guys? It's finally here!

This giveaway is fully hosted by myself and I have personally chose these items as a special "thank you" to you all! It's been an awesome journey so far as a blogger and I haven't even been blogging a full year yet! Seeing as how you guys have given me so much inspiration and support, I wanted to do something special for my favorite holiday, Christmas. 

Christmas is all about giving and that's exactly what I intend on doing, so without further ado, I present to you all, the TWRC Winter Box Giveaway! I wanted to include a few goodies that I thought would help give you someone special a really "cuddly" winter time. So I picked a few things that could all go together to create one awesome day off or could be spread out to allow you multiple days of relaxation. 

Inside the TWRC Winter Box, you'll find:
- 1 box of White Fudge Oreo's
- a square candle in the scent "Cashmere Creme" 
- 1 pack of 12 markers
- 1 adult coloring book called "Wild Woodland"
- 1 pair of "Have A Beary" Christmas shea-infused socks (From Bath & Body Works)
- 1 pack of 3 bath fizzers (bath bombs)
- 1 hot cocoa mix flavored "French Vanilla"
- red glitter nail polish named "Decadent"
- 3 fl. oz. body lotion in the scent "Frosted Coconut Snowball" (From Bath & Body Works)

I love each of these products and have tried/owned each one of these awesome goodies. I stand by them and I wanted to share things I knew would make for a special prize. If you want to enter, the rules are very simple and you multiple ways to enter!

1. Follow me on Instagram (@thewhiterockingchair). Find the picture of the official giveaway photo (the one I've posted with all the items spread out), like the photo, and tag someone that you think would love to win the Winter Box. 
2. On ANY social media outlet that I am on (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), share this blog post OR the giveaway photo, tagging me (or linking the photo to my blog page) and use #twrcwinterbox. 
3. Subscribe to my blog by email (on the right side of my blog) and then email me (you can either click the email button on the right side or simply send your email to, telling me your favorite Christmas memory and why you should win the TWRC Winter Box giveaway. 

Also, please be aware that you will only be given ONE official entry on each platform. That means that if you tag 452 friends on Instagram, you'll still only get ONE entry. You can receive a total of 5 entries overall:

1 for liking, following, AND tagging a friend on Instagram
1 for sharing this blog post OR the giveaway photo on Instagram
1 for sharing this blog post OR the giveaway photo on Twitter
1 for sharing this blog post OR the giveaway photo on Pinterest
1 for subscribing to the blog through email AND emailing me

The TWRC Winter Box Giveaway will start today (November 28th, 2016) and end December 2nd, 2016 at 11:59 PST. A winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on the social media site they've won through and/or on Monday's (December 5th, 2016) blog post. The winner will have 24 hours from the time they are announced the winner to claim the prize either by email, direct message on that social media site, or by simply commenting on the announcement's picture/announcement's blog post. 

This contest is open to all USA residents. If you are a USA resident, you will NOT be responsible for shipping. 

If you are outside of the USA, but would still like to participate for a chance to win, you may do so, but shipping cost will be your responsibility if you are declared the winner. Payments will strictly be made through PayPal and will ONLY consist of the shipping cost. The shipping cost will be required within 24 hours of claiming the prize, in order to be officially declared the winner. Once I've received your shipping cost payment via PayPal, I will send your package with a photo of the receipt as confirmation. 

The winner will be chosen at random, but will be up to my discretion. If I see that you haven't complied with the rules or you have bullied or said anything negative on any of the giveaway's photos, you will be disqualified. If you are unclear of any rules, please contact me via email, social media, or on the comment section of this blog post. I will respond as promptly as possible. 

Overall it's a very easy going contest and I really hope that you guys are as excited as I am to enter as I am to give this beauty away! I really appreciate every bit of encouragement and support from you guys and this is my little way of showing just how much you guys mean to me. 

Have an awesome week guys and good luck Jedi's! Here's to everyone who didn't fit into the "perfect" mold. You are beyond perfect, regardless if you fit into the mold or not, because you guys rock!!!!

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