Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Favorite "Budget Friendly" Christmas Outfits!!!

If you couldn't tell by my thrift hauls and the joy I [try to] express when I find a good deal, I'm am an avid "thrifter". If I can avoid paying full price for something, I most certainly will do what I can to make that happen. From walking away from a beloved item - merely because it's full price, to couponing anything and everything possible, I do my best to find good deals. Especially for clothing and holidays. 

I will however, admit that when it comes to my padawan, I tend to be quite lenient on this rule when it's regarding clothing. While I certainly do look for the best deals possible, I've been known to splurge on his clothing in the past. Particularly shoes. 

Seeing as how Christmas time is here once again - officially, I thought I'd share with you all the top 5 outfits I'll be sporting this wintery season. Now please take into consideration that although it's "cold' out here in southern California, it's not necessarily COLD like many other places. It's because of the lax weather, that I can get away with these types of outfits. If I was in a colder climate, I probably would be altering quite a few of these outfits...if not all. But for the sake of fashion, I thought I'd share my outfits with you all anyways.

I would like to say a small disclaimer though. I am in no way shape or form a "fashionista". I'm not an icon, I don't "play by the rules', I don't have an eccentric style, nor do I claim to be an influence in the clothing game. I'm merely a mother with a wardrobe that I love and wear whatever the heck I want to wear. That includes white AFTER labor day. Why? Because life is too short to be worrying about cloth all the time. 

My first outfit could be considered a "fall" look and the feet could be quite chilly, but for me this is a go-to for a simple errands day that's filled with a little sun. 

The jacket is from Ross ($6) and is a really pretty army green. Underneath you could easily wear a Christmas color shirt (red, white, graphic designed) and switch up the jeans for warm leggings. I talked about this jacket in a prior post about "Fall looks", which you can check out HERE

These pants are from Goodwill ($5) and the shoes are the new lace up flats that I found from Target on huge clearance (under $7, normally $25), which I briefly talked about in yesterday's post, HERE.

To "warm things up", a really simply brown boot would go nicely with this outfit or even some really cute printed rain boots. I've been looking for a nice pair of galoshes, but seeing as how it's "rainy season" here, they are a bit pricer than average. I plan on hitting the stores once Spring hits, to try and find a nice pair on clearance for next winter. Of course if I do, i'll share them with you all! For now though, it's either these flats for simple errands or even my converse. Casual, but comfortable. 

My next outfit is a typically cozy outfit that I love to wear if I'm going for a lunch or dinner. It's meant to be extremely comfy and warm, but look like I've put a little bit more effort into the whole outfit. Also, it's a "festive" type outfit that - at least to me - screams "Winter". 

The beanie is from Target ($3), which can be found in their "Dollar Section". It's extremely warm and it comes in a variety of colors. I love the little faux fur ball on top and the knit look, which is why I felt it went perfect with this sweater!

The oversized sweater - it's just a size bigger than what I normally wear - is from Amvets Thrift Store ($2) and is the epitome of comfort. It's not only soft with a cute pattern, but it's one of my favorite sweaters. I've talked about this sweater before, HERE. This sweater goes perfect with a nice pair of warm leggings, but can easily be worn with jeans as well. A faux fur vest would also go nicely on top of this, to add warmth as well. 

The boots are the only part of this outfit that aren't necessarily "budget" friendly, but they were a gift from my mom. They are my FAVORITE Doc Marten boots in the whole world and right now Goodwill - along with quite a few other thrift stores - have boots out for purchase, since it's the cold season. Since boots are easily acquired for cheap, this outfit is very easy to re-create. 

A little bonus "half-outfit" I thought I'd add, is a simple knit sweater with a faux fur vest. 

I wanted to include this to show you guys that not only can almost any Christmas sweater be jazzed up with a nice fur coat, but adding layers doesn't have to mean covering up the entire look's potential. 

This knit sweater (H&M clearance for $7) is incredibly warm and since the pattern can be seen all over the sweater - including the sleeves - it's perfect for a fur vest, because it's still visible. I talked about this one HERE.

With a nice pair of jeans - my favorite for this top duo is a dark wash - and some boots, booties, or even tennis shoes, you'll be rocking in style AND comfort in no time! 

Also, rain boots wouldn't be too shabby with this pair either. Man, I gotta find me some rain boots! To be honest, I don't really mind how they'd look, I just don't like going out in the rain and having my shoes get all wet. Albeit, we don't venture out into the world too often when it's raining, but for the times we do, you know? I like boots, what do you want from me.

My newest favorite - and final outfit for today - is this freaking awesome Christmas sweater that I found at Target on sale for only $10!!! I found it on Black Friday and instantly fell in love. I mean, it's Darth Vader (from Star Wars) AND he's wearing a scarf AND there are little AT-AT's!!!!!! It's a Star Wars Christmas sweater! How could I NOT buy it. 

I decided to include this one, because it's amazing and I wanted to show you guys a really simple way on how to further you Christmas spirit through clothing. 

Since the colors on this sweater are black, red, white, and green, you could easily pair this sweater with any of those colored jeans. This is wear the "white after Labor Day" rule get's thrown out for me, because I love wearing white for Christmas! Granted I have to be extra careful with what I eat, but regardless I love how it reminds me of snow. To be perfectly honest, I really only wear these jeans (from Ross years ago) during the Winter time. Almost every Christmas outfit goes with it and it matches my Star Wars sweater...so there. 

For shoes, I just used my Converse, which I found a while back from Goodwill ($8). These shoes go with everything! I know they are incredibly hard to keep white sometimes, but I talked about these shoes AND how to clean them back to white, HERE.

You can also wear your Christmas sweaters with regular jeans and still be just as cool. 

Really when it comes to Winter time, if you're warm and you like how you look, then who gives a rat's patootie what anyone else thinks? I got quite a few looks from pompous women that cackle at my Darth sweater, but I've also gotten "oo's and ahh's" from fellow Star Wars fans. My padawan especially loves it and it "matches" his little Star Wars Christmas shirt (which is also from Target). 

In case you were wondering what my padawan and I plan on wearing this Christmas, it's our "matching" Star Wars sweater and shirt. Only thing is, my padawan will have a long sleeve underneath his shirt, for added warmth.

If you love it, rock it. Life is too short and Christmas time is even shorter. Lord knows that if I hadn't spent so much time worrying about what other people think of my clothing choices, I probably would've had more time to sleep in. I'm just saying. 

Hopefully this has inspired you all to go out there and wear whatever the heck you want to wear, because you are beautiful no matter what fabric you put on your body! 

Don't forget to enter my Winter Box giveaway going on now! You can click HERE to see all the ways on how to enter! Good luck Jedi's and happy Tuesday!!!


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