Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve - I Messed Up!!!

First off, let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone! And before I get the question, "do you know what you're celebrating?", yes. Yes I do. I - personally - am celebrating the beautiful soul of Squanto and all the Indians that died. I'm celebrating the fact that I have much to be greatful for and that my situation could always be worse, so enjoy what I have and don't bother with what I don't. Now that that's out of the way, let's get into the real story here. I messed up. 

I have a mini tradition going with my son and I. Seeing as how we have an extended family and they have their own extended families, my padawan and I celebrate thanksgiving in two parts. I cook on Thanksgiving Eve and have over my mom and step dad. On Thanksgiving day, my mom and step dad go to their extended family party (my step dads family) and I go celebrate at my dads. That way I don't have to cook at all on Thanksgiving day. While everything went off without a hitch today, I still managed to mess up. Nothing major, just ever so slightly.

You see, I always take pictures to share with you guys. Well today I intended on taking a ton of pictures, to show you all what I purchased for this year's feast at home. I even had a special plan to share a few recipes today and do a special Food Feature Friday this week. With all the hustle and bustle, I was serving up the plates of food and it dawned on me. I forgot to take pictures of what I had made and the special items! 

Food was already being devoured, plates messed up from being scarfed, and I was looking at my plate in horror. I couldn't believe I freaking forgot. I was so busy cooking, cleaning, preparing and trying to make the perfect meal, that I totally forgot to take pictures! 

In all honesty, I wanted to cry a little. But I have a plan, I'm going to go to the store, snap a few photos to show you guys the items I purchased (hopefully they're all still there!!!) and then feature them all in this weeks Food Feature Friday. Believe me when I say that everything was so good, quite a few items will be reappearing for my Christmas dinner! The overall price was unbelievably reasonable too! In fact, I have so many leftovers, we have quite a few meals for the next few days. So definitely check back for that this Friday. 

I am so sorry for my sloppy etiquette and not sharing with you guys some of the scrumptiousness. I'm going to do my best to right the wrong. I know I'm human and I deserve to have a messed up day every now and then, but I still feel a little crappy about it. No worries though, I will come through for you guys! I did however, manage to snap a picture (albeit a bit fuzzy from poor lighting) of my plate. The meal consisted of: corned beef brisket, a bacon avocado salad with a VERY special dressing (see this week's Food Feature Friday), a VERY special and unique potato dish (also on this week's Food Feature Friday), apple cider, Hawaiian rolls, baked carrots, a special stuffing (again, Food Feature Friday), and some cranberry sauce (that will be included on Food Feature Friday as well). For dessert...well you'll have to see Food Feature Friday for that too! I know it's not giving away too much, but trust me. It's going to be so freaking fantastic, you'll be well prepared for Christmas or any delayed Thanksgiving's you wish to have.

Yes it's a thing, a few of my friends do it to save money on travel tickets. 

While I don't have a super fantastic blog post for you guys today, I can tell you that I love you all and I will make it up to you! I've been telling you guys to keep your eyes open for a super special announcement coming as well. It's still coming guys and it's AWESOME!!!! Of course it involves all of you Jedi's!!!

Well I hope that you guys have had a good Thanksgiving Eve and that tomorrow goes off with success, love, and deliciousness. I'm thankful for each and every one of you, because you all rock!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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