Monday, November 21, 2016

"Trolls" The Movie: Comically Worth It or Waste of Time?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your guys' weekend went splendidly. Besides making lists of things I need to complete this week and preparing for Thanksgiving on Thursday, my mother decided to take my son and I to the movies this past Saturday. It was a "spur of the moment" idea for my little padawan, who was not only surprised, but genuinely excited! The movie choice for the day was "Trolls". I will admit now, I was a bit thrilled myself, because I tend to like the funny cartoons. Call me a kid at heart, but it comes in handy when you have a kid!

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Our little family outing took place early Saturday morning, so we could hit the first showing at 10:15 am. With snacks in hand and my padawan positioned in the perfect seat, we sat back for what I had hoped would leave me cracking up and my son smiling the whole time. 

For those of you who are unaware of the movie, it's a cartoon that features quite a few big name celebrities. The two main characters were voiced by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, but you'll also hear Gwen Stefani, James Cordon, Russell Brand, and Zooey Deschanel as well. The storyline itself is based around the colorful trolls (similar to the ones I played with as a child, with the crazy hair) and their fight to not be devoured by cranky monsters. With a huge battle on their hands, royalty in the mix, and a few love stories, you'll have the opportunity for so many emotions to arise. Question is, did they?

For me personally, I absolutely loved it. It wasn't an "oh my gosh, let's watch it 84,738,292,938 more times!", but it was a movie I actually felt was worth seeing. The overall story line was really well played out and I truly like how betrayal was placed cautiously (and not in an obvious way) into the story as well. The love stories were a bit predictable, but it wasn't anything overly sappy in my opinion. The music they used left me smiling and singing along (no they aren't kiddie songs). My son was laughing, smiling, and overall enjoyed himself. 

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It's easily compared to the style of "Angry Birds" or "The Secret Life of Pets" (see that review HERE). A cartoon movie that kids can enjoy and the parents can actually laugh as well. While I definitely don't think this is a 5 star movie, nor did I enjoy it as much as "Finding Dory" for example, it was a hit for me. I was happy - even shed a tear or two...but I'm a sap at times - my padawan was happy - he's STILL talking about how much he liked it - and my mom really enjoyed the experience with us. 

To me, having my son actually sit down in one spot without getting bored, equals a success. It's a rare sight to see with a 5 year old, so when it happens, it's like watching magic. 

I would rate this as a 4 out of 5 stars on the "kids cartoon movie" scale. The music was relatable, the characters had me laughing, my son loved it, and it kept our attention. Also, I really love how now I can tell my son that you don't need to eat things to make you happy. He often tries to "convince" me, that candy is the only thing that will make him happy when he's upset about something. Now I have a movie, that he openly admits to loving, to use as a "point" in my arguments. 

Would I watch it again? Probably not, but I wouldn't be opposed to buying the DVD for my padawan and playing it in that living room for all to hear and watch. 

Have you guys seen the "Trolls" movie? If so, let me know what you think and how you would rate it! Our next movie adventure we are hoping to experience, is the upcoming Disney movie "Moana". One, it's Disney. Two, do I need another reason? 

Happy Thanksgiving week you beautiful Jedi's! Here's to good food, DIY's, and a special announcement later this week! 

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