Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why YOU Are A Jedi and A Giveaway Hint! My 200th Blog Post!!!

Guys, we made it! 

This is officially my 200th blog post and I couldn't be freaking happier. I know that there are so many people who have years and years of experience doing this, but in all honesty this is a huge deal. Just like it was when I hit 100 blog posts (see that special post HERE). I'm so incredibly proud of all my readers/followers. 

I've seen how much trial and tribulations you guys have overcome, with a smile on your face. I follow and watch all your progress on social media. Every one of you inspire me each day to keep going and never give up. I also talk to many of you on social media (private messages, comments, and even emails) and I can't thank you guys enough for the love and support. Without you guys this page would probably be an empty shell that I abandoned long ago. I'm happy, honored, thrilled, excited, touched, and overall filled with joy to have such a beautiful online family of Jedi's. 

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Some of you guys have asked, "Why do you call us Jedi's?". I am more than happy to explain my lovelies. You see, I'm a Star Wars fanatic - along with my other obsessions like "Murder She Wrote" - and in Star Wars there are Jedi's. Jedi's are the elite fighters that defend against the dark forces (bad guys) and are some of the greatest hero's in the stories of Star Wars. Of course there are other hero's - like Chewbacca - that aren't Jedi's, but it's the Jedi's that are considered "top of the line" good guys. I view you all as elite human beings. You're all wonderful people with so much good in your hearts, that I know you can overcome any dark forces (bad crap) that comes your way. I believe in you all and like I said, I'm honored to have you as my online family. 

This blog means everything to me. I put my heart and soul into this, with only the hope that someone will smile from the posts I put up. I'm not here to rant and rave - although I've had a few moments of frustration - I'm mostly here to just spread smiles, DIY's, and delicious inspiration for you all. Of course I sprinkle in a few "daily life" posts here and there, but it's all in good fun. 

For example, I know this isn't a riveting post, but it's about you guys and how I love you all. No worries, tomorrow I'll be posting another DIY AND a Food Feature on Friday. Plus next week I have SOOO much good stuff for you all! Also, I have a giveaway coming up right after Thanksgiving! Here's a small clue on what it is: The winner will be getting more than one, but less than two. Make sense? It will soon! 

I hope you guys had an awesome day and thank you guys again. I wouldn't be here without you! So here's to all you beautiful - and handsome - Jedi's (yes they can be men and women) and to another 200+ blog posts! 

Much love,

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