Monday, November 7, 2016

Why You SHOULD Put Up Lights BEFORE Thanksgiving!!!

This is the center of memes around this time of the year, with the "pro-lights before Christmas"
group avidly "defending" their side against the "anti-lights before Christmas" group, as they make joke after joke about us spirited folk. If you can't tell, I'm on the "pro" side of things and always have been. While my main reason - without going into a bunch of details - is because it makes me happy, this year I've pursued putting up every light I could possible for a simple reason, cancer. 

I watch YouTube like many of you. I have specific channels I watch daily and somewhat recently (about 4 months ago) I came across a channel with a gut wrenching message. Cancer freaking sucks and it's extremely cruel. I know, it's a massive understatement. 

The vlog channel is called MomsVlog80 and it's a daily vlog channel that allows you to follow a family of 4, battling a disease that no child - or person for that matter - should have to deal with. While it does include some moments that are hard to watch - like when the youngest son, Elijah, is in the ER or in pain - it's mostly an uplifting reality check. It reminds me personally to take every single day and cherish it, along with all those in my family. 

Elijah is the youngest in the family and unfortunately is battling Neuroblastoma. While his time has been said to be short by the doctors, the family has stood strong and maintained a life that Elijah and his brother, Cayden, can enjoy. Melody and Ronnie are the amazing parenting team, that brings as much joy and happiness to the kids' lives as they possibly can. Throughout the battles and brutal torture this family is enduring, they still make us smile with jokes told by Cayden, silly comparisons as told by Ronnie, "What the even heck?!"'s from Melody, and "Hello Hello Hello!" from little Elijah. 

Elijah is also into WWE and has quite the fan group from professional wrestlers by the way! 

Today I was watching the daily vlog that Melody had posted, when I saw there was an extra video answering a few questions concerning Elijah. Honestly I just like watching the family and any add-on's are gladly welcomed from this momma!

It's been established that during this family's hospital life, they've become understandably drained, and while they are home for the time being, extravagant Christmas lights on their front lawn - which is a big thing for them, as it for my family - just isn't in their forte this year. They will be doing a few things here and there, but nothing like the Christmas' before, as this year brings a very gloomy (and very real) possibility. Because the family lives in such a beautiful community, the neighbors have taken a stand to join one another in lighting the lawns for Elijah, so when they all drive through the town, little Drax Shadows (that's Elijah's WWE name) will be able to have a fully lit Christmas. 

While I know Elijah probably won't be driving past my house anytime soon and I don't have a yard to display anything spectacular for the little superhero, I do make sure to light up the house in honor of his beautifully lit spirit. 

Elijah reminds us all during his fight, that while times may be hard, enjoy every day with what you have while sporting a smile, because you never know when it could be your last celebration. 

I encourage all of you rockin' Jedi's and Padawan's to light up for Elijah. Screw the "correct politics" of when you should or shouldn't decorate for Christmas. Whip out those lights and shine them bright like little Elijah's heart. It doesn't matter if you have a small patio or a yard big enough to herd cattle, any light specially for Elijah will do. Will he drive by them all? Maybe not. But if his little spirit gets called into Heaven, he will surely see them glow from above. The best way to show him that you care though, is by putting up a sign that simply says, "Lights For Elijah". 

If you do, let's show Elijah on Instagram by using #LightsforElijah and tag momma minion (Melody) @momsvlog80. Let's show them all that even if we can't be there, we're with the whole family in spirit. 

So while I don't have a place to showcase Elijah and all the amazing Maineville Minion family members, every night I will light up my small village for Elijah. It's the most colorful and reminds me to squeeze my little guy that much tighter. 

Thank you Melody, Ronnie, Cayden for showing us what endless love looks like everyday. And thank you Elijah for proving that strength doesn't just mean muscles, it means getting in the ring and never backing down. No matter what happens Drax Shadows, you are the real Champion. 

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