Wednesday, December 7, 2016

35 Gift Ideas for The One's Who Have Everything!

I absolutely love Christmas, which I've stated the moment Halloween was over. I adore the decor and work hard to giving back. The only problem is that when it comes to actual Christmas shopping, I get stuck. 

No I don't mean stuck in a store aimlessly wandering for weeks in search of the checkout, I mean stuck in a rut where I can't seem to come up with creative and meaningful gift ideas for some of the people in my life. I listen to them, I know what they like, but issues start to rise when they have everything! How am I supposed to find something for someone who has EVERYTHING?! 

I know I'm not the only one with this problem, so after much research and trying to find out a few different ideas for a wide array of people, I've finally come up with a list of items that you can use for gift ideas! Sometimes it takes a fresh brain to come up with good ideas right?!

Mind you, some of these things may be better suited for men, while others are geared more towards women, but some are universal!

P.S. If the gift idea is in blue, click it to find out where you can buy it!

1. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
2. A Bluetooth Tile Tracking Device (to stop loosing your keys, wallet, bike, etc.)
3. Epic Gormet Food that would be delivered to their door
4. Virtual Keyboard
5. An autograph from their favorite celebrity (actor, musician, etc.)
6. Tickets to a concert or game
7. A Hotel Room for a night away
8. Disneyland Tickets to see Star Wars
9. Universal Studio's Tickets to see Harry Potter
10. Amazon Gift Card
11. Hot Air Balloon Ride
12. A Cooking Class
13. A Subscription Box (books, beauty, razors, comics, etc,)
14. A Membership
15. Family Memorabilia in a book 
16. Limited Edition Seasons of their favorite show
17. A Special Collection (tea sets, books, figurines)
18. Tickets to a special showing of an upcoming movie
19. A Make Your Own Beer Kit
20. A Record Player
21. A Roku Streaming Device
22. Backup Batter Bank (ipad, iphone, cellphone, etc.)
23. A Portable Car Jumper AND Electronics Battery Bank
24. A Lockable Bike Basket
25. Amazon Echo personal assistant
26. Phone Soap the phone sanitizer
27. A movie, a bag of popcorn, some candy, their favorite drink, and a blanket
28. A Drone
29. Sound Wave Art 
30. The Bio Bubble 
31. A Personalized Traveler Mug with the family's pics 
32. VR headset 
33. Beats Headphones
34. R2D2 Measuring Cups
35. Portable BBQ Grill

And there you have it guys! 35 gift ideas for those who have everything or so they think. You're bound to find something that they don't have, but would probably love! Regardless if it's a DIY gift or something you've found on Amazon, just remember: It's not what's under the tree, but whose around it!

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