Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Diner With A Surprise.

I know it's not Friday, but I couldn't resist sharing an interesting find that I recently devoured. 

Now this restaurant isn't necessarily a new find for me, but I can definitely say that this experience was completely unbeknownst to me. The restaurant I'm speaking of, is called Ruby's Diner. While there are numerous locations for Ruby's Diners, I am specifically speaking about the Mission Valley location in San Diego, CA. This entire review is based on the service and food there, but I would like to think they'd provide the same experience all around. 

In the past I've gone to Ruby's Diner, but I never left with a crave for more. In fact, I hadn't been to a Ruby's Diner in over 8 years. To be quite honest, I had seen the eatery a few times while browsing the mall, but never even had the urge to go in. However, my son and I were particularly hungry, so when my son spoke up about trying Ruby's, I opted in with the expectation of a mediocre meal. I was gravely mistaken. 

Upon entering, I was hit with a mild nostalgia from the times I had stepped into Ruby's in the past. The old school diner vibe with a few updated fixtures - like TV's - that took you into a time warp to the 1940's.

The customer service was friendly and immediate, without any hesitation to accommodate our request to be moved to a quiet booth. My padawan was given a child's menu, along with a pop-up Ruby's food truck, which instantly won him over. 

I wasn't necessarily looking to be picky about the meal we were there to eat, so we both chose to go with a burger and hope for the best. 

My son chose a cheeseburger kids meal with fries, while I went with a personalized guacamole burger. What I mean by that is I ordered their guacamole burger (swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, Ruby sauce) and asked for a half-pound patty with a side of BBQ to pour over the burger in-between bites. My burger also came with a basket of bottomless fries. 

For drinks we stuck to lemonade and iced tea (for me). I initially decided to go with a coke with vanilla flavoring, but when I changed my mind the very generous waitress of ours offered me the coke free for future reference. Of course I didn't object.

Within about two rounds of eye spy each, my padawan and I were kindly greeted with our food, which is where we turned from a hungry family looking for food, to a hungry family that looked like a deer in headlights. Eyes as wide as can be, I was pleasantly shocked by the portions and smell of the food placed in front of us. 

After topping my son's burger with ketchup and mustard - might I say I really appreciated the condiments coming on the side without asking, as toddlers tend to be picky as heck - we dove in for the bite that would take us to a whole new love. 

Not only was this burger packed with crisp vegetables, perfectly melted cheese, and fresh guacamole, but the meat itself was an intense flavor that flipped my food scorecard on it's side. The BBQ I added to each bite, merely enhanced each and every ingredient. 

I've always considered Lazy Dog to be a major contender in the burger world - you can see that review HERE - but I will be perfectly honest with you all, the Ruby's guacamole burger took the cake. 

Don't get me wrong, Lazy Dog is still in the top 5, but Ruby's quickly made a comeback that no one - not even myself - expected. Even my padawan agreed that his burger was better in comparison to the kid's burgers at Lazy Dog. 

The meat wasn't charbroiled on the outside, which some may specifically look for taste wise, but it's more of a well seasoned patty that gave you genuine juice, not grease. The seasonings - which I have no knowledge of - gave the burger it's own mouthwatering flavor that purely signifies what a home-cooked burger should taste like. 

Each and every warm bite reminded me of burgers from family "get-togethers", with a taste that would leave you constantly searching for at every burger joint. 

Everything mingled so exquisitely, that I walked out of the diner immediately making plans to revisit when we had the opportunity to do so or whenever we craved a good burger. I will say however, I didn't jump at the chance to try any shakes that I saw constantly being carried by, but you can bet that I will return with that in mind. 

I'd rate this burger a staggering 5 out of 5. Something I didn't expect, but will gladly recommend over and over again! 

I don't think this will be the greatest burger in the universe, but I do believe it deserves recognition for it's affordable - around $20 for our entire meal - and appetizing eats. 

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