Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Super Simple [and adorable] Christmas Wreath!!!

Back in early October, I wrote a post about how you could very easily DIY a 5 minute wreath that was not only budget friendly, but an awesome decor piece (see that post HERE). Since it was a big hit with my readers, I thought I'd share a just as simple, DIY Christmas Wreath! 

This is by far my favorite wreath of all the wreaths I own/have created. Honestly I've only created two - so far - but I truly adore my Christmas one. It's personal, my padawan and I made it, and I truly think it expresses my Christmas spirit. So being the sharer that I am, I absolutely had to show you guys how to make your own, along with a few tips I've learned along the way!

Now mine is a few years old (3 to be exact), but while I don't have any pictures of the actual process, I actually like being able to show you that it's lasted really well throughout all 3 winters! Mind you, I put this wreath up November 1st and don't take it down ti'll around late January/early February, so it's had quite a bit of use! Regardless of the weather or length of time it hangs, it's still standing strong! So without further ado, let's get into how you can make your very own Christmas wreath!

What you'll need:
- foam wreath (or a pool noodle and duct tape, if you want to go the Pinterest route)
- yarn
- decorative ornaments 
- hot glue
- ribbon

- E-6000 glue

This entire process is relatively easy, it just takes a bit of time. For mine, I decided that instead of covering the entire foam wreath with white fabric (which you most certainly can do - or any color for that matter), I went for a "wrapped yarn" look. Something about it just mixes so well with the Christmas ornaments. It's textured, fuzzy, and immediately makes me think of snow (don't ask me why). This was the most time consuming part of the entire process. 

If you wish to follow in my footsteps and wrap yarn all around your wreath, start by hot gluing one end of your yarn to an inconspicuous spot on the wreath. Then proceed to gently wrap your yarn around the wreath, pushing it against the previous strand that you've laid. I emphasize gently, because if you wrap it too hard, you're liable to either break the foam wreath or rip off the yarn that you've attached. You don't want it to be too loose though, or else you'll end up with gaps and have a higher risk of it falling apart. 

I would give yourself a good 10 - 15 minutes to fully wrap your wreath, depending on it's size.

When you've completed wrapping the wreath, hot glue the last 1 - 2 inches down in yet another inconspicuous spot. This will give it extra hold. You can also glue down a few pieces of your yarn on the back side while wrapping, if you want to practically guarantee it won't budge. I, personally, did not. 

Now comes the fun part! And the most personal. With a few choice ornaments, decorate your wreath with whatever festive design you see fit! I personally chose a small pack of 3 bulbs that have wire (they were "crafting bulbs"), a small "bouquet" of jingle bells, and a golden bird (which also came with a wire for attachment). To me they practically shouted Christmas! 

If your decorations don't come with wire to allow you for optimal attachment, simply apply a very strong crafting glue (I recommend E-6000) and allow for ample drying time before hanging. 

Once you've finished decorating your sure to be gorgeous wreath, loop a piece of ribbon around the top, glue the ends together, and hang our new decor piece for the world to see! Or where ever you see fit. I mean, it's your wreath. 

I've gotten quite a few compliments on my wreath and to be honest, I couldn't be any prouder! 

When it comes to DIY decor pieces, I recommend going with your heart (and if you want to copy Pinterest ideas, it will STILL be awesome!). Don't listen to what other people think or say. If you want to decorate it with loads of plastic bulbs, go for it. If you prefer to have it covered in Christmas animals, do it. Those that make comments on your work of art, don't have any say in how you create. It's YOUR wreath, not theirs.

Some people call me "gaudy" when it comes to my decorations and even my style. Well you know what Jedi's?! Who gives a shit! That's right, I said it! I'm tired of people trying to tear down who we are on the inside. I'm proud of what each of you do and who you all are, so you go out into the world and rock that wreath like no one's ever rocked a wreath before!!! Because life is way to short to care what they think about your door! *hey that rhymes!*

I love you Jedi's. You're beautiful, courageous, inspiring, and I send you all a million hugs! Ti'll tomorrow everyone!

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