Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Earrings!!!

Yesterday I shared with you all a clay DIY ring (see HERE) that I had been working on for 2 days, to rock with my festive outfit this Christmas. Well that wasn't the only DIY accessory I made! 

It came to my attention the other day that I don't have any Christmas themed earrings to "flaunt" and that just didn't settle with me. I browsed Amazon and came across a pair of bow earrings that I thought were absolutely adorable, but a little too pricey. Seeing as how I merely use these moments as inspiration, I took my craft stash and got to work on creating my very own pair of Christmas bow earrings. While they are on the "bigger" side, they actually aren't huge and ended up turning out beautifully in my opinion. 

Because they were incredibly cheap and easy to make, I thought I'd share with you all a quick DIY that you too can re-create in no time, for any Christmas get-together this year. The part is, they can be personalized to suit any colorful outfit you may be sporting for the evening!

All you're going to need is:
Ribbon of your choosing (I had gold and silver glitter ribbon on hand)
- or - 
Christmas bows (small ones that you can buy in bulk)
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Earring backs (I had THESE on hand, which I purchased from Michael's on sale a while back)

1. Re-create two bows in anyway you'd prefer (see HERE for different ideas) or get two bows set aside of your choice. 
2. Grab your earrings (you can either choose the earrings I've chosen or use some like THESE) and proceed to hot glue your bows to them. You can also use E-6000 or Gorilla Glue if you want to ensure that they don't go anywhere. 

3. If you chose to use the earrings like I did - the fishhook style - I recommend placing a small strip of ribbon - or fabric - over the area where the earring and ribbon connect. This will help ensure they don't fall off as well. 

And there have it! An extremely simple, yet absolutely adorable DIY that was 2 (or 3 depending on which style you chose) steps. If you use a fishhook style earring, you could potentially create your bows into dangle earrings with a little beaded (or plain) thread as well. The entire point of this is personalizing your ear wear to match your style! For me these are perfect and are exactly what I was looking for!

With a little time, creativity, and glue, you can have the perfect accessory for any party! Who needs Amazon when you have inspiration?

Have you guys created any Christmas inspired accessories in the past or for this year? If you have, tag me or use #thewhiterockingchair and show me! I'd love to see. You never know, maybe you'll be featured on Instagram!

10 days ti'll Christmas guys! Live it up and enjoy the festivities with the ones you love! I know my padawan and I are trying to do just that. 

I love you all and don't forget to keep on rockin' Jedi's.

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