Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Recap of the Greatest Year Yet!

I have never been so sad to have a Monday come, than I am right now. Sure Monday's have their way of ruining a grand weekend, but this one in particular meant the end to my favorite holiday of all time. You can be certain however, that I am grasping onto my Christmas tree for dear life, hoping that it won't die on me soon.

Let's face it, I just need to live in North Pole, Alaska where it's Christmas year 'round.

While I'm not exactly a happy camper with the glorious holiday being over, I am quite thrilled with what I've been gifted! So many wondrous presents - I know that Christmas isn't all about gifts - that I just had to share with you all what Santa and our family gave to us this year!

No I'm not bragging in any way, shape, or form. I'm merely expressing my gratitude with the utmost respect and sharing with you all a recap of our holiday with love. 

Christmas Eve was our Christmas Part 1, with my mom and stepdad joining us for a peaceful dinner/lunch. Of course the moment they arrived, we dove straight into exchanging gifts, because my padawan and I couldn't wait any longer. 

Christmas Day was our Christmas Part 2 at my dad's house, with another feast and the company of my father and his girlfriend. Again, we jumped into presents immediately. 

My son lucked out big time - seriously, he won't stop telling me how happy he is with his presents - with all his gifts and I myself am still reeling from the amazing present my stepdad found for me. I have to say, when you don't have to tell someone what you want for Christmas, yet they get you the perfect thing, you know they care!!!

Padawan got a Imaginext Super Hero flight city (Santa), Lex Luthor (Santa), a Minecraft hot wheels set (Santa), Minecraft hot wheels carts (Grandpa), Pokémon Cards (grandpa and Santa), a stuffed Darth Vader (Santa), a SUPER cool marvel superhero pillow (Grampy), Skylanders Imaginators (Grampy and Grammy), extra characters for Skylanders Imagniators (Grampy and Grammy).

I won't go into a full review in this post, but I do plan on posting a review about the Skylanders game and the city later this week. 

My little padawan is basking in the glory that are his new additions. He will surely be entertained for quite some time. Seems like this has been a successful Christmas for him!

For me, I would say that this Christmas was extremely eye-opening and extravagant!

I was gifted an extremely soft neck pillow and matching sleep mask (stepdad and mom), a rice cooker (dad's girlfriend), an HP laptop (it's for my son's school from my dad's girlfriend), a Trader Joe's gift card (stepdad and mom), an iPhone 6s (my dad), a pair of oven mitts (my dad's girlfriend), a pair of pink SUPER soft slippers (my mom and stepdad), and the greatest gift of all that I am absolutely in love with, a Bing Crosby Christmas record.

I know you're probably thinking, "Really? You like a record over a new iPhone?" Let me tell you this. My phone was messing up consistently and causing me a lot of problems. I'm very grateful and blessed to have the iPhone and I treat it like gold, but my record is like my second child. 

First of all, I'm in love with Bing Crosby's music in general, but "White Christmas" . Second of all, I never mentioned it that I had been dying for this record. The fact that my stepdad went out of his way to purchase something that I am truly passionate about and something that has a soft spot in my heart, is awe-inspiring and to me is the true representation of Christmas. 

He learned what I loved, scoured the internet to find a very difficult item that I adore, and purchased this record to make me happy. He made this mama one happy old soul. I keep playing it over and over - Christmas shall never die in this house - and my son is already giving me the stink eye. Luckily my Crosley player allows me to use headphones during the day and I play it during my mommy time at night. Long live the holidays!!!!

Again, I won't go into full review mode in this post, but I will be doing a review on the iPhone 6s - I know I'm late, but I've heard a few people consider upgrading so I thought I'd offer up my thoughts. I may do a laptop review as well, along with a few rice cooker recipes, so stay tuned for those! Also, if you're looking for a genuine Christmas album, Bing Crosby is the way to go!

As for food, we definitely ate like kings on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. If you want to see our feast for both days, check back this Friday for the full run down!

Our weekend ended with an up close and personal experience with Christmas lights. My dad displays a mini winter wonderland in the front yard, so as soon as the sun went down and the lights turned on, we were outside with thick coats dancing to Christmas music and watching my padawan light up with joy. He adores seeing Christmas lights and I adore seeing his smile, which made this the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. 

With so much to talk about and a bunch of goodies to review, you can expect a week of awesomeness sprinkled with reviews, DIY's, and food. 

Hopefully you guys had a magnificent holiday weekend filled with peace, family, love, and thanks. I'd love to see what you guys got this Christmas! Share your photos on social media and tag me or use #TWRC for a chance to be featured!

I know Monday is a bummer, but at least we're here to experience it! Love you guys and don't forget to keep on rockin'!

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