Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Easy DIY's For a Festive Holiday!

The holidays are quickly approaching - 5 days ti'll Christmas to be exact - and with so many families coming together, you may be scrambling to create a picture perfect scene for your related guests. With an empty wall or desperately pinning possible table centerpieces, I decided to offer up 3 super easy DIY's that you can re-create, to fill any space in need of festivity. 

First up is a super easy table centerpiece. Now this won't just work for the eating area, but you could also use this as a coffee table decorative piece or a side table feature. 

All you need to complete this pine cone creation is:

- Pinecones (scented are awesome)
- A candle holder 
- faux red berries (sold at Dollar Tree)
- faux garland (mine has silver tinsel strands as well)
- candles

With some pine cones spread about and a few red berries sprinkled into the mix, you'll have a really cute decor piece by itself, once you've topped off the candle holder with it's candles. The garland wrapped around the center piece adds to the Christmas theme and gives dimension to the overall look. 

Next up is a mini makeover of the hallway, perfect for any blank wall really. 

All you're going to need is:

- Christmas bulbs
- yarn or twine 
- a few stockings 

This will take practically no time at all. Simply lay out the bulbs you want to use in any given pattern - or just randomly - and begin threading the yarn or twine through each one. 

To make sure you have enough yarn for your Christmas bulb garland, simply lay the yarn next to your bulbs - while they are spread in your pattern on the floor - and add a few inches to each end for it to be hung. You can also thread the yarn through while it's still attached to the roll, without cutting it, which will ensure you have enough. 

To add additional festivity to a blank wall, you can hang matching - or not - stockings, that will compliment your garland. It's replicating the traditional "fireplace setting" that we so often see, without the actual fireplace. Time wise, this took me about 7 minutes to set up and now I get loads of compliments on what was once blank. 

For our last easy DIY, I bring to you all a really cute piece that you can place practically anywhere. I bring to you all, my Christmas bulb flower vase. 

All you'll need is:

- small bulbs - perhaps a few medium mixed in (metallic and glitter work best together 
- a tall, clear vase
- flowers of your choosing (mine are fake...obviously)

Plop your flowers into the vase, pour your bulbs around them, and place for viewing. You'll instantly jazz up any table with a beautifully simple Christmas flower decor piece. 

As you can see, it takes hardly any effort at all to make a few gorgeous pieces for your Christmas home. When it comes to prices, for the centerpiece I spent about $6, the garland and stocking wall about $8, and the flower vase about $3. 

Christmas doesn't have to be expensive if you just use a little creativity! 

Hopefully these 3 super easy and cheap DIY's, have helped inspire you all to decorate with ease. I know that with them, I've been able to sit back and feel like I've successfully completed decorating my home in harmony!

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