Friday, December 2, 2016

Food Feature Friday #6: Newbies Part 1!!!

Do you know what today is? Today is Friday. It's the first Friday of December, which means there are 3 more Friday's until my favorite holiday. So in total, we only have 23 days until the most glorious day of all...Christmas! If you haven't realized already, I've started a mini countdown on the blog. Because I'm excited as heck!

This week I've decided to check out the "new items" at Trader Joe's, along with all the delicious seasonal goodies stocked above the frozen section. After a few minutes, I picked up 3 new items and 1 seasonal cookie pack to test out for this Food Feature Friday. There are 10 total reviews, but because I want to actually divide this up for you guys to not be overwhelmed, I'll be reviewing 4 out of the 10 today. Next Friday I will finish up with the last six.

So to break it down for you guys, I have 2 protein meat bars - each different flavors, 1 drink, and a pack of seasonal butter cookies, which will all be reviewed today. The other 6 items all came in a pack and are different flavors of honey. I really feel that each honey deserves ample discussion, as some would be beneficial with specific teas, while others may not be tasty at all. Being that as it may, the full honey review (Newbies Part 2) will come NEXT Friday. For now, let's get into today's review. 

Let's start with the protein bars.

Trader Joe's has these new "Epic" bars that aren't strictly sold at their store, but are new to [at least my local] Trader Joe's. At $2.49 a bar and only 2 different flavors offered, I decided to pick up both bars with high hopes.

The first bar is a 100% Bison Bar with Bacon and Cranberry. Now, I've been dying to try bison for some time now and even though it's not a burger - how I initially wanted to try bison - I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. 

Both of these bars are 1.5 oz. and don't resemble traditional protein bars, but for obvious reasons. "Traditional bars" are more of an oat and nut mixture, while these are meaty. They are FAR from beef jerky though, so if you are anticipating a tough bite you'll be gravely mistaken. Instead you'll be gifted with a slightly soft, and a bit of give, in each bite. Flavor wise it was quite an interesting mix and to be honest, I don't feel this was an accurate way for me to decide on weather or not I actually enjoy bison. I was able to actually taste the bison, regardless of the slightly overwhelming bacon and cranberry, but to be honest this wasn't my cup of tea in any sort of way. It was a bit sweet for me and I am FAR from a "sweat meat" person. I don't necessarily think that bison itself is a "sweet meat", so tasting an authentic bison burger is still on my list of things to try.

As for the Chicken Sriracha bar, it was my favorite of the two. It doesn't closely resemble the taste of actual Sriracha, but the spice is a wonderful mixture. With a paprika and cumin mix, with a touch of oregano, I was pleasantly surprised with the overall flavor. The texture was identical to that of the bison, which was refreshing seeing as how it's not a touch bite. 

My final verdict for these two bars is that while the bison bar isn't something I would repurchase, the chicken was is definitely a bar that I will be buying and storing in my purse for on the go moments. They are also incredibly filling and half a bar will get me through the day without a real meal. I'm not condoning skipping a meal, but being a mom, things slip by. 

The drink - something I didn't individually photograph - was the worst of the bunch. $3.49 down the drain if you ask me - no offense to Trader Joe's or anyone who actually enjoys it. This is called the "Black Berry Spritzer" and it is my worst fear. A medicinal flavored beverage that gives me nightmares, back to the days of being sick as a kid and being fed disgusting cough syrup. Personally it was too close to Robitussin for me to even take another sip. Even my uncle agreed with me on the taste and my padawan refused to swallow it. 

I don't think this drink is a disgusting beverage and should be avoided at all costs, but I think that due to my memories, it's not something I can continue drinking. 

The last item of today's post, is the Butter Cookie Wreaths, sold at Trader Joe's for around $3 I believe (I don't quite remember, but I will update when I see them again). 

These are absolutely amazing and I was so freaking happy to end this review - and my day - on a positive note. 

These butter cookies have a soft crunch, with a subtle flavor of buttery vanilla, but not in a gross way. They are decadent, rich, and the sprinkles are merely for a "crunchy" show. 

Dipped in milk, mixed with ice cream, or even eaten alone, you won't be disappointed with this holiday dessert. If you are looking for an ultra sweet cookie however, this is not the one for you. Like I said, it's subtle, but it's definitely not bland. One of my favorite cookies from Trader Joe's so far. 

The butter cookies closely resemble those cookies that come in a blue tin, but have a softer crunch. Not too crumbly and they hold up well when dunked in milk. You could even make mini Nutella or Cookie Butter sandwiches with these and have a perfect midnight snack. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me!

My conclusion for this weeks Food Feature Friday is this: If you like sweet meat buy the bison bar. If you like a mildly spicy chicken and want a snack for the day, buy the chicken bar. If you are a sparkling black berry person - and perhaps don't mind the medicine flavor - taste the drink, BUT I would recommend asking Trader Joe's to have you sample it...just in case. If you want an amazing cookie that you won't regret and want to pair with other scrumptious sweets, but the cookies.

And if you want to know all about the honeys and my personal recommendations for which tea - or biscuits - you should drizzle them on, check out next weeks FFF #7: Newbies Part 2!

Have an amazing weekend guys and don't forget that the giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm PST! I will be announcing the lucky winner and Monday!!!

Be safe, rock on, and eat mouthwatering edibles!

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