Friday, December 16, 2016

Food Feature Friday #8: Firehouse Subs

Holy macaroni you guys. There are only 9 days left ti'll Christmas!!! I can't believe how fast time has been flying and while I am really excited for the holiday to finally get here, I'm not looking forward to it being over. 

My padawan and I have been trying hard to make this a festive Christmas season, by going to all the activities we possibly can without breaking the bank. Luckily our "ice skating" adventure was checked off of our "to-do" list, because his school - who we home school through - decided to host an ice skating party for all the kids. Unfortunately it wasn't close, but it wasn't anything too strenuous and led us to today's Food Feature Friday

Whenever we go to a field trip that is a little ways away from our home, we try to have a lunch of some sort at a place that we haven't tried or don't normally go to. Albeit we haven't done that often and most of the time we end up having a picnic with the other kids using the food we packed, but this time was different. All the parents dispersed at random times and when we were tired from trying to skate around, we headed to a close by sub shop to see what the fuss was about.

Down where we live, there is a place called "Firehouse Subs" that is closer than this field trip was, but still a little out of the ways for a casual stop. Since we've seen a few commercials on "Firehouse Subs" and it was practically next door to the ice skating rink, my son opted to try it out. 

We haven't been to "Subway" in years - padawan is not a fan - and we really haven't tried another sub shop of any sort, but we went in with high hopes. I personally chose a sandwiche that wasn't the most expensive, but would be worth trying. My son chose a typical turkey sub with cheese, which wasn't too out of his comfort zone. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. 

This particular "Firehouse Subs" lingered in a shopping center, but was separated from the other main shops, which meant it had designated parking.

We found a spot right in front and walked into the shop, to be kindly greeted by the cashier. With so many options and an extremely appealing smell that lingered throughout the eatery, I had a good feeling about the overall experience. The atmosphere was warm and friendly with a fireman theme, including Dalmatian printed tables. Cooked meat was the general scent, which made me a very happy momma. 

After looking over the menu, I chose a sub from the hot subs menu: The New York Steamer. This specific sub consisted of corned beef brisket, pastrami, melted provolone, deli mustard, mayo, and Italian dressing. Mine came in a meal, which included chips and a drink. My son went with - what I mentioned earlier - a Hot Turkey and Provolone kid meal, which included chips and a drink. Both simple but good portioned meals for under $12. 

Within a few minutes of our orders, we were served our meals at our chosen tables, with a smile by a very friendly employee. 

The overall presence of "Firehouse Subs" gave me the "hanging out with good friends and just relaxing with good food" vibe. It was something that didn't make me feel rushed and to be honest, really attributed to the experience as a whole.

Once the sandwiches arrived at the table, I was hit with an intoxicating aroma that gave my inner carnivore so much joy, you would've thought I was experiencing Christmas right then and there. Hey, I can appreciate a good meat. 

The meat portion was really surprising. Not necessarily a huge stack, but a decent pile of warm, juicy, meat. The Italian dressing was the only thing I was concerned about, but surprising enough it - besides tasting homemade and authentic - wasn't overwhelming at all. In fact, it complimented the sub completely. Good job "Firehouse Subs". Well played. 

With the white bread keeping everything together, I was thoroughly surprised with the combination of perfectly seasoned meat and toppings that enhanced all the flavors each meat slice had to offer. With every single bite, I had a perfect mix. The brisket and pastrami did a tasty tango in my mouth, while provolone made a very smooth layer over each slice as the "cherry on top". While mayo and mustard were included within the sandwich, I didn't taste them at all, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I do wish they would've been a little more apparent, but I wasn't going to mess with the production of their sandwiches, because I wanted to taste what they were about. I wasn't going to test out their subs while messing with the formula. 

Once we finished scarfing down one of thee most delicious hot subs I'd ever experienced, we headed out with full bellies and a huge smile. While we were driving home, it dawned on me. Not only was this a sub shop that was delicious, it was actually worth going out of my way to get a genuine sub with flavor that was decently priced. 

Now that it's been a few days, I can confidently say this: If there is a "Firehouse Subs" shop close to you or in your vicinity at all, check them out! A simple sandwich may be the perfect addition to your daily outing. Who knows, maybe you'll choose them over "Subway". I know I have!

Happy Friday everyone and I hope you have an amazing weekend! Stay safe and warm! If you're doing any last minute shopping this weekend for Christmas NEXT WEEKEND, remember, presents don't make Christmas. You do. 

Love you guys and keep on rockin' Jedi's!!!

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