Monday, December 12, 2016

Fuller House Season 2 - Left Wanting More or Total Bore???

This past Friday Netflix released Season 2 of "Fuller House". I did a review of Season 1 (which you can check out HERE) when it was released and now you better believe I wasn't going to let you guys down by not reviewing Season 2! 

The moment it was announced I began anxiously waiting for it's return, because - as I stated in my first review - I grew up with "Full House". It was a favorite of mine and "Fuller House" Season 1 didn't disappoint. Question is, did Season 2?

Well here's the low-down. Don't worry, I won't be doing any big spoilers. Just a quick overview that would be known if you watched Season 1 and a few "teasers" if you will. 

In Season 1 we were left with DJ choosing herself over both men "fighting" for her affection. There was a called off wedding, a divorce announcement, and an engagement. Of course there was appearances from the lovely "dads" from "Full House" - Danny, Jesse, Joey - and that didn't change with this season either. Although there weren't as many appearances from them. Which to be honest, wasn't a bad thing. This new spin-off series is aimed more towards DJ and her family. 

In Season 2 everything picks up where things were left off, with some time sped up past a Summer. DJ mentions how she worked on herself over the time span and was FINALLY ready to make a decision on who she wanted to date; Matt or Steve. With her decision ready to be announced, some "shocking" news takes place causing suspense. 

We saw quite a few characters from "Full House" make an appearance - with one recast - and some flashbacks that made me "awwww" out loud. I gotta say, seeing the story take place in the same house, hits close to home for me. I also love Cosmo - the decedent of Comet. We even get to see Danny and Rebecca's "office" up close and personal. 

This season also gives us holiday themed episodes of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Years. I think this was mainly due to the timing of it's release, which ended up working. I have to admit, I liked the holiday episodes as they blended well with the overall story, but I do hope they don't do it EVERY season. Perhaps one holiday episode here and there mixed in the seasons, as to not overtake 4 episodes each season. We are only given 30 minutes per episode to fall in love with the characters and see the plot unfold, I don't necessarily need a spooky season followed by turkey each season to do so. That being said, I trust the creators, as they've kept me hooked!

I went into this season just as I did the first. With a completely open mind and trying to put aside the fact that this was practically nostalgia for me. I wanted to have an unbiased opinion of the season, to give a proper review and I truly feel I did just that. 

With my euphoric joy aside, this season was a really good season. It had twists, drama, happy endings, and of course ended with a cliffhanger! I will give you a small hint for the last episode and say that there was an adorable guest star, who will hopefully be making a reappearance in the next season!

I will also say that Mary Kate nor Ashley Olsen paid a visit in this season, but that wasn't necessarily news if you've been following the directors "plea" for them to join the team. Regardless of their no show, a joke about it was inserted, which I still find comical. The character itself - Michelle - is still alive and kicking though. The rumors have it that the character is going to still be alive and well next season as well!

That's if they get officially renewed for a 3rd season!!! No announcement has been made yet.

For me personally I loved the season. They hit important subjects that kids these days face, just like they did in "Full House". The overall feeling is a more mature audience, although still kid friendly...sometimes. Really it depends if you want your kid to hear the word "sex" or not, because it's said. My son didn't watch it with me - it was my guilty pleasure while he was sleepiIng - but he wasn't really interested in the first place. 

Overall I was left wanting more and I'm anticipating Season 3 in 2017. The first season was released in February 2016, while this was released December 2016. If they stick with their 10 month time frame, we're looking at October. While I certainly don't want to wait that long - because like I said, they left me wanting more - I am willing to wait for the next, so long as it's as good as the first 2 seasons! 

If we do get a 3rd season, it will be added to the many other gifts being given in 2017 on Netflix. 

A few shows returning are:
Stranger Things Season 2 (haven't watched Season 1 yet, but I know it's a thing)
Wentworth Season 5 (hopefully)
Narcos Season 2 

One of the other shows I'm binge watching during my mommy time at night, is called "Captive". It's a new docu-series that was released on Netflix and I WILL be doing a review on it possibly next week. That's something you DON'T want to miss. 

In conclusion for Fuller House season 2, I saw if you saw 1 go see 2. If you haven't seen either, go see them now! It's not just for 90's kids, although it does make it a bit funnier if you've seen "Full House", but it's still comical regardless. 

What show are you guys currently binge watching?

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