Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Introducing The Christmas Food Ring!!!

In case you were unaware, I am a lover of food. I don't simply see it as a necessity to survive, but rather a glorious adventure that can take you around the world in many different ways. Since I'm such a fan of the edible things - and a fan of art - I've been making food rings! 

In the past I've made "normal" everyday foods (see HERE), but nothing seasonal. That is until today! It's my greatest pleasure to introduce to you all, my Christmas inspired food ring!!!

I worked incredibly hard yesterday - which you can see in my post HERE - and finished off my beautiful new addition this morning. I'm extremely picky when it comes to my creations and while they aren't necessarily perfect, I am immensely proud of how this one turned out. 

The inspiration for this ring, is basically just my favorite season. While I'm not necessarily a huge fan of gingerbread men, I do find them adorable. I also love making tiny little mugs and wanted everything to be extra festive-like. So I decided to make a ring with 2 whole gingerbread men, 1 gingerbread man that had been partially eaten, 1 gingerbread man dunked inside a glass of milk, and Santa's naughty or nice list. All on top of a red Christmas plate. I will say this was hard and one of the tiniest I've had to work with so far, but I really enjoyed the entire process. 

Yesterday I had started out with my Sculpey's clay - which I've mentioned in a few prior posts of mine - and began sculpting out my minuscule pieces (including the ring itself) using my hands, a bobby pin, and a needle. 

Once everything was baked and cooled, I began painting. First I had to paint the gingerbread men brown, the plate red, the scroll white and the cup green. Before I painted the details, I made sure everything was dry which took about an hour or so. 

Then came the fun part! With the tip of an earring's back, I began making the patterns on all the pieces except for the scroll itself. I used a Micron pen in 0.25mm (size 1) to make the writing on the scroll, because painting the details would not have given me the thin lines I needed. All in all, this process took me about an hour or so. 

With everything completed and dried, I went over any spots I didn't feel met my desires and proceeded to put the ring together with an extremely strong glue. 

All in all, I am utterly in love with these. I feel like the minor details are what really brought this ring together. The candy canes on the cup and the tiny gingerbread man being dunked inside was one of my greatest accomplishments so far. Getting everything exactly how I imagined, truly made me giddy inside. The microscopic gingerbread men and the scrolled list are also pure perfection in my eyes. 

I was debating adding a few red beads to compliment the leaves around the plate, but I felt like it might be too much. Plates may be extravagant for Christmas dinners, but perhaps not THAT "out there".

Instead of going out and buying a ring that wouldn't give my the ultra Christmas feeling that I want, I decided to go ahead and create my own! With awesome results if I do say so myself! 

Like I always say: If you can make it, why buy it?! 

I will also be adding this ring to my shop - which you can check out by clicking "shop" towards the top of my blog - for the same price as the others. 

Now that I have my ring completed, it's time to get working on my earrings for the holidays! Which will be tomorrow's special post: A DIY that's so easy, anyone can do it.

There are only 11 days ti'll Christmas and you know what that means?! Only 11 days left to make the perfect outfit, to celebrate in total festiveness!!!! 

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