Thursday, December 29, 2016

iPhone 6s Review - Better Late Than Never!

iPhone's have a way of keeping us on our toes at all times of the year. Between Apple's constant releases and ios updates, we never know what we're in for when it comes to our phone's capabilities. The most recent release was the iPhone 7 - September 16th, 2016. The iPhone 6s - released September 25th, 2015 - was the "it" item before the 7. 

I myself used the iPhone 4s since January 2012, with high hopes in having it for years to come. While that statement does stand true - almost 5 years - it was high time to retire the 4s after multiple complications and it's inability to guarantee me a working phone. 

After much consideration into which phone would better suit me, I took to the Apple store and played around with the iPhone 7 and the 6s. While I've never been too keen on getting the newest item the year it's released, I was optimistic seeing as how the iPhone 4s did me well. 

It was to my displeasure however, that the headphone jack was taken out and to be honest, that bothered me. It bothered me that I would have to make a new purchase for headphones that I would most likely lose. I understand that it was done so to make the phone waterproof and overall more durable - supposedly making phone covers/cases unnecessary - but it wasn't something I was worth to give up. Sorry. 

I also didn't like the price tag one bit. With their plan, they wanted me to stay on a 2 year contract - through Verizon - while I paid the phone off. What they don't tell you is that the payments would last beyond the 2 year contract and if something happened to the phone or you wanted an upgrade, you'd have to pay off the phone in it's entirety before getting a new one. I didn't really feel comfortable knowing that I would be locked into a price tag with the possibility of issues. Call me paranoid, but I know how phones and I coexist. Let's just say, it hasn't always been cordial between myself and mobile phones. 

With that in mind, I was gifted a 6s for Christmas (you can see that post HERE) and immediately put it to the test. After transferring everything over through iCloud - easiest process, but a tad time consuming - I dove into my newest beauty and got into the details. I will say that I haven't used the phone strenuously within the last 5 days, but it's had it's work cut out for it. 

A few tech specs would include an A9 chip processor, 4k recording, noise reduction, touch ID, and live photos for stabilization. For all the tech specs, click HERE

With the iPhone 6s, I was given the option to use "touch ID" for my passcode, apple pay, and itunes. I opted out of apple pay and itunes, but liked the idea of my fingerprint being my passcode. I also noticed that you could use multiple fingerprints to get into your phone - I guess for ease and "just in case" - which up-ed the "fanciness" of the phone. 

The ios is amazing and the speed is astounding as well, with new emojis, a faster processor, and greater capabilities, I truly feel like I'm finally caught up with the youngans. 

A great feature I've come to adore is the fact that you can delete apps that are automatically downloaded onto your phone, unlike the past when you were basically forced to have less data. That was the first thing I did. Delete any unwanted crap that they installed on my phone, because I knew they would be shoved in it's own category on a separate page, never to see the day of light. 

Texting is interesting too, because now I can literally write with my finger! Additional emoji's are hilarious - although I really despise the clown (I have a fear of them - but it's nothing I can't overlook. Gifs are automatically an add-on into the texting features as well, which really helps with getting your emotions across to fellow gif receivers. 

Apps aren't crashing, data is steady, editing is easy, and all is going well so far. 

My all time favorite upgrade that I've experienced with this phone, is the camera! Don't get me wrong, I love that now I can browse with ease, work without issues, and actually use my phone, but having a camera that takes quality photography regardless of lighting is astounding.

Of course the better the lighting, the better the photo, but to take a nighttime photo without a blurred effect is awesome! I was able to take a photo of Christmas lights, at night, in complete darkness, with quality that really showcased the lights themselves. Something I could never have done with my iPhone 6s.

The battery life is also a huge step up - but it is a newer phone - and allows me to play games, read emails, edit photos, use social media, text, and take videos without dying on me in 10 minutes. 

Obviously many of the features are still running in perfect order from being brand spanking new, but even after testing out the phones in the Apple store - some that are constantly played with - they iPhone 6s seems to be a huge improvement from iPhone 4s. While I'm not hating on the iPhone 7, but I don't see myself running out to purchase it in the future. Never say never, but for now I'm pleased. 

If you're looking into getting a new iPhone, I recommend the iPhone 6s, but I also recommend going to the Apple store and making yourself acquainted with the products yourself. Without any help. I know the employees are there to answer your questions, but they won't be at your house showing you every step of the way. Best way to figure out what works with what you need, is to go test it for yourself. 

As for me, I'm an iPhone 6s momma all the way. It's perfect for work, play, and taking memories. Just what I needed.

Did you guys get a new phone for Christmas? What's your opinions on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7? 

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