Monday, January 9, 2017

Battle of the Shelves: Tsum Tsum Edition.

Ah Monday. You never cease to annoy me with your consistent need to put an end to a good thing, AKA, the weekend. I don't necessarily hate Mondays, but I don't jump for joy when they come either. However, this particular Monday meant accomplishing a task that I've grown to loathe. Putting up shelves to store my Star Wars Tsum Tsum collection. 

This past weekend, I shared with you all on my Instagram, how I was trying to tackle how to store my precious collection. They used to sit neatly stacked inside one of my bookcase cubby holes, but with the new releases and more surely to come (I hope), it was time to upgrade my beloveds. So with a little bit of saving and [not so] creative thinking, I ultimately decided on creating a long shelf above the bookcase, to proudly display the stuffed Tsum's. 

After a quick trip to Ikea - it was quick for me to find the stuff I needed, not so quick for me to get out - we decided on three of the cheapest white shelves (who needs fancy) and six cheap white brackets (again, I don't need anything special). Once home, I quickly assembled the shelves, putting off the project until today. Why? Because I despise putting up shelves. 

I'm always freaked out it will end up crooked, I'll make a mistake and end up with an extra hole, or I'll strip the screw and be screwed myself. 

After about 45 minutes of talking myself up to complete the project, an additional hour of measuring and making sure each shelf would be even and level, I got to hanging the middle shelf. I will say that I was so incredibly nervous, that it took me quite a while to make the first hole. With some encouragement from my padawan, I finally went for it and decided it wouldn't be the end of the world if it wasn't perfect. In reality it would've been, because I would've lived with the torment every day. 

With the middle shelf established - and thankfully level - the side shelves were much easier to hang up. 

After about 2 and a half hours - yes I'm that paranoid about hanging shelves - I was left with a satisfied collage of white shelves, ready to showcase my beauties. 

Speaking of gorgeous, I realized I hadn't done an update recently on the additions I've gotten. They aren't necessarily brand new - since the last release was last month - but they are new to you guys, so they had to be shared. 

If you recall my previous Tsum Tsum post (see HERE), my padawan and I had devised a "wish list" of those we had hoped would be released in Tsum version, in the upcoming releases. While not all of the ones we had hoped for would be released, we did get a few AND some we didn't even think of. So all in all, we are happy...for now. 

For example, we got Mace Windu, Plu Koon, and Count Dooku, but that was it. As for other characters, we got Jengo Fett and a Taun Taun. I couldn't even begin to describe how absolutely adorable each one is. I mean, just look at them! I will say that the Taun Taun collection is a bit morbid - it's a dead Taun Taun with four little Tsum Tsum's inside - but if you don't explain that, most people don't get it. Especially because I'll be displaying mine OUT of the Taun Taun belly. 

As for the shelving display, it ended up being perfect. I still have room for more Tsum Tsums - still holding out for the others on our wish list - and I have a feeling they will release more. With "Rogue One" out now and a new Star Wars movie to hit theaters shortly (sort of) in the future, it doesn't look like they will stop anytime soon. 

Now that I have them all on a shelf though, they can easily be re-stacked to fit more and more and more. 

Yes I know I have an obsession. I'm not denying it. 

I would say that the entire display went better than hoped. I didn't think I'd be as pleased as I am with a semi-simple shelf as the display choice, but I truly am now. I also feel like the shelf above the bookcase, made the entire wall look that much closer to "complete". What I will hang in the middle of the shelf and bookcase, I'm not sure. Eventually I will figure it out, but it's not happening anytime soon. I'm decor-ed out for the moment. Between Halloween, Christmas, and these shelves, I think I'll be good until a birthday rolls around. 

Hopefully your guys' weekend and Monday has been eventful and a little less anxious - like I was with putting up these darn shelves. Other than just my organization idea, I've been relaxing with the little one, reading a book (stay tuned for that special review), eating good food, and enjoying life. Lord only knows when I'm going to have another chaotic moment, so I'm doing my best to savor the peace while I can!

Let me know what you guys think about my Tsum Tsum wall! Love you Jedi's and may the force be with you all. 

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