Friday, January 20, 2017

Food Feature Friday #13: "Great Coffee is a Matter of a Pinon".

In yesterday's post I had mentioned a new coffee that I have been sipping the past few mornings. While I'm still madly in love with the seasonal coffee I reviewed a while back, I've been doing my best to ration each portion and in doing so I had gone out to seek a new caffeine addition to sip on the casual days. 

After my weekly visit to Trader Joe's, I browsed through every coffee my beloved preferred grocery store had to offer and came across a coffee that not only had me intrigued, but left me giggling like a little girl gossiping about cute boys. There was this adorable little "catchphrase" of sorts on the back that said, "Great coffee is a matter of a pinon!". Hence the title of this post. 

With it's red and yellow logo blaring me in the face, I decided to pick up the 16 oz. medium roast blended coffee called, "New Mexico Pinon Coffee". 

I need to mention before I go any further, that this particular coffee is not a Trader Joe's trademark coffee. In fact, "New Mexico Pinon Coffee" actually is a separate company that supplies this particular coffee in almost all grocery stores in New Mexico, Costco Colorado, and every Trader Joe's nationwide. Prices however, vastly differ between their online store and grocers (at least from what I've personally experienced). 

This coffee is a pine nut blend involving pinon nuts and arabica beans, slow-roasted. The smell reminds me of a smoother version of Folger's (no offense) with a hint of nuttiness, which is to be expected seeing as how it's a nut coffee. 

The taste is very creamy in the sense that you don't have a very strong sense of bitterness. It is a medium roast, so that's mildly to be expected, but personally I've found that even medium coffee's can have an bitter after effect on my stomach. That was not the case with this one. With it's low acidic "behavior", I'm able to drink my coffee without feeling too wired, but just enough to push through the morning exhaustion. 

With my creamer, I feel it has velvety feel from mouth to stomach, making it an excellent pair for a wide variety of breakfast meals. I include this statement, because I often feel that certain coffees just don't play well with hearty breakfast meals - i.e. eggs and bacon. This particular coffee however, was splendidly playful and didn't leave me having to cleanse my pallet after each bite of egg. 

The best part about this coffee, is the fact that it can be altered to your specific needs. If you wish to have a sweeter coffee, extra creamer or sugar would suffice along with a splash of ice cream or chocolate. If you prefer it to be a tarter blend, no creamer and a hint of sugar will do you justice. I don't HIGHLY recommend this for extreme strong blended coffee lovers, but if you were to doubly up on the grinds during your coffee making process, you may be pleasantly surprised on how well it will help you "cope". 

I for one can enjoy this coffee all throughout the day - again, without the jitters or extreme downfalls as the day progresses - with a breakfast of champions or even a pastry of my choosing, like I did yesterday. That alone makes this coffee an excellent to (I think) anyone's coffee collection. Perhaps for a mid day pick me up, an afternoon outing with the kiddos, or simply a breakfast beverage for all your flavor cravings. 

I would rate this coffee a 4.7 out of 5, as it's not the PERFECT cup - although it's certainly up there as you can see - but it's worth repurchasing time and time again! 

Happy Friday Jedi's! I know this week has been all over the place and I myself have felt jumbled in more than one way - don't worry, I see it too. I'm hoping that after this gathering my composure and realigning my goals for this coming week will help to boost my momentum internally. I don't know why I've exactly felt "off", but I'm working on it. 

I'm planning on staying indoors - we're in the midst of three winter storms pouring on us, catching up on my reading, and enjoying the company of my padawan. Arts and crafts, video games, good food, and relaxation. Just what I need for a weekend of peace.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend? Perhaps picking up this wonderfully decadent coffee blend? If you do - or don't - share your pics with me on social media and tag me! I'd love to see you beautiful people living it up. 

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to stay safe! Much love to you all.

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