Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Goals: Where I've been and where I want to go!

Happy first Monday of the year! 

I'm still in awe of how quickly 2016 went by. I swear it was just yesterday my son was starting school?! Well, no use in dwelling on the past. It's all about moving forward and maintaining momentum. So much has happened and while I'm really proud of my accomplishments and how much my padawan and I have grown, there are still things to accomplish! Which is why I have partaken in the [basically] ritual of creating a few "New Year Resolutions" to hopefully accomplish by the end of the year. I've also decided to do something I've never done, which I will get into in a moment. 

I think it's important to create goals each yet - really, each month - because it keeps you grounded in a way. It allows you to look at where you're at and how to get where you want to go. It allows you to push boundaries within yourself, which aiming towards a greater cause. It gives you direction, accomplishment, and endurance. I don't think everyone should do them - some people simply feel it's a stressful burden that reminds them of the bad - but I do think everyone should aim for something positive. Regardless what you call it. 

This past year I've watched a few of my favorite celebrities die, started a blog, put my son into his first year of school, started Catechism, and realized that I am not deserving of a mediocre life. I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of my Grandmother's death, I've gained a lot more control over my anxiety, and I've learned more in this past year than ever before. 

This year I plan on tackling quite a few tasks:

- Finish my Catechism (so far so good!)
- Complete my "Pocket Scavenger" book (I've been slacking on it!)
- Travel more, even in fear (anxiety sufferers know the feeling)
- Reach 2,000 followers on Instagram (I'm hopeful!)
- Visit "Jessica Fletcher" house/hotel in Mendocino, CA (from Murder She Wrote)
- Visit a functioning "Tiny House" in person 
- Go on a train ride (my son's been asking non-stop)
- Stay in church and continuously go to Sunday Mass 
- Read every Nancy Drew book
- Read every Murder She Wrote book (recently discovered these)
- Keep up with the daily [weekday] blog
- Remain calm under stress (this is one of my hardest)
- Continue to better deal with my anxiety (it's definitely a work in progress)
- Continue homeschooling my son into 1st grade
- Be the best mom I can be
- Be the best person I can be

Perhaps they aren't the most extravagant resolutions, but to me they are things that I hold near and dear to my heart. Besides, they aren't meant to be things everyone else is doing like the traditional "lose weight" or "workout more". It's not going to happen, I already know it. So I made some that are difficult, but still manageable. To be honest, I'm really happy with how my life is going and I'm really glad that I am even here talking to you guys!

I really think that with everything I've discovered from last year, I'm ready to tackle this year head on. I don't know what it means or what will happen, but I have my game face on.

I also decided to start a new tradition. I don't remember where I got the inspiration from - probably Pinterest - but I've decided that [hopefully] every single day I'm going to write down something good that happened - doesn't matter how big or small - then I'm going to put each slip of paper in a box or jar, only to re-read them next New Year's Eve. I wan't to remind myself of each and every good thing I've experienced. I want to see where I've been and where I ended. I plan on doing a blog post about them next New Years as well, sharing with you all the things I've accomplished and the silly things I was proud of, because I know there will be a few. 

I'm planning on calling it #dailydiscoveries, since I'll be discovering quite a few things about myself. I feel like it will inspire me to go out and create positive memories each day and it will help me stay grounded, because having to write at least one good thing every night will force myself to gain perspective through any seemingly stressful time.  

I don't know how well any of these goals will go, but seeing as how I blog about practically everything in my life, you'll be the first to hear if I've failed at any of them. 

Do you guys have any "New Year Resolutions" or goals? If so, share them with me down below or on my social media sites! I'd love to hear what you're hoping to get out of 2017! 

Now that I've got this list, it's time to start working on each of them. See you all tomorrow and don't forget to keep on rockin'!

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