Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Target Clearance Haul: The After Holiday Sale!

I must admit that this Target haul is a little bit old (from roughly two weeks ago), but I wanted to make a valid point to all those who may or may not have read my previous blog post, "Why You Should Always Shop Off Season". The key point in that post, was to prove that shopping on the off season was always the best route. To reiterate the point, I thought I'd share with you guys a mini-haul that I made after Christmas, where I found numerous items between 70 and 80% off of their original price. You're probably thinking that it was a bunch of Christmas items, when in fact it was a wide variety of purchases.

So without further ado, let's get into the goodies I found for incredibly cheap after the holiday hustle and bustle, during Target's storewide massive clearance sale.

All in all I bought a hair dryer with a diffuser and concentrator attachment, a full sized flannel sheet set, headphones, a wide tooth comb, a Minecraft glowing redstone, a doormat, and a Skylanders Imaginators figure (check out that game review HERE). The total price? $34. That's right, I spent less than $40 for 7 items that were worth well over that price. The blow dryer and sheets were each originally $25. That would've been $50 with just those two items, if I had purchased them at full price. Are you seeing the amazingness of this deal yet?

First let's talk about the blow dryer I picked up. It's a Conair 1875 Watt Soft Touch Styler with a diffuser and concentrator attachment originally priced at $25 +tax. It came in [my personal favorite color] a minty teal color and claimed to reduce frizz, create more shine, and help condition your hair, regardless of the style you're creating with this specific dryer. Of course I wasn't really hoping for it to full on give me a glam style with no other help, but the entire review of this product is going to come at a later time - so stay tuned.

I ended up paying $5 - yes you read that right, $5 - by purchasing a few boxes of cereal in a previous purchase and earned a free $5 gift card for Target. The dryer itself was on clearance for $10 (that's a 60% savings) and with my gift card, I only spent $5. A brand new dryer, in my favorite color, with attachments that [hopefully] will help style my hair without frizz, for $5. Try and explain to me how that's not a good deal.

Next up is a the sheet set I found. This sheet set is more towards the "Christmassy side", but to be honest I wasn't worried about it. My padawan needed some new comfy sheets and I decided that with these particular soft flannel sheets being on sale for $10 (60% off), it was worth it. My son actually picked these out, as they have little forest animals on them with a winter wardrobe. I felt it was a really smart find, as it was boyish, soft, a perfect fit for his bed, and a price I could support. I will say that they won't necessarily be the sheets he will use during summer time, but while we are in the midst of our cold weather, he will be sleeping comfortably all night long. In fact, he's been using them since the day after I bought them - I washed them first - and has absolutely loved how soft they make his bed and pillows (since it comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases).

A few other cheap finds were the headphones (on sale for only $6) by my favorite brand, "Skullcandy", a Conair wide tooth comb (for under $2 - not on sale), and a Skylanders Imaginators figure (on sale for $7) and a Minecraft "redstone" block that glows (on sale for $2). Everything was fairly cheap compared to their usual prices, but nothing compared to my next [and final] design. It's something that I knew I had to have, the moment I saw it's price. I'm talking about my doormat, that was on sale for only $2!

That's right, I spent $2 on this adorable little door mat, that was marked at 80% off. Normally $14, I was able to snag up this beautiful blue mat, with an adorable little bird, for a very small fraction of the cost. It reminded me of a cabin in the woods and a "homey" welcome, which made it's addition to my door way imperative. 

Why were all these [mostly non-Christmas] items on sale? Because after the holidays they wanted to clear the shelves. More sales, means more space for the new merchandise. 

As you can see, I scored big time just by waiting after the holiday rushes. I understand you may  want certain items now and not have the patience to purchase them at a later date, but in my experience, it's just as good as it was at full price except you're able to buy more for less. 

The next sale I'm waiting for, is the "After Valentines" sale, because who doesn't love a box of chocolate 70% off?!

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