Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Today is a "Sock Day".

Today was an uneventful one in the sense that nothing amazing for you guys happened, but it was an exhaustive state of seemingly unending frustrating anxiety. 

I woke up to the banging and clanging of roofers above my head (since I'm on the top floor) and a notice from my landlord that the roof was being fixed. There goes any potential extra sleep I may have been able to have. 

Then I lost my glasses and spent a good 25 minutes BLINDLY looking for them all over the house, stubbing my toes and injuring my elbows on corners. Fantastic.

Once I found my glasses, I proceeded to make tea and my uncle arrived (this is joyous news, not bad). What's bad is that I woke up with a slightly swollen and tender gum where a wisdom tooth once laid, from eating a chunk of meat till i couldn't chew anymore. 

I went through the whole day trying to not focus on the dull pain of my gum - I couldn't even smile fully - and half asleep. Not only were these minuscule obstacles in today's journey - really they weren't even worth discussing - but I had this severe anxiety all day long that led me to overthink, worry, and almost breakdown. 

If you have anxiety, you know exactly how overbearing it can be and how irritating it is to not be able to deal normally with such ridiculous antics of the day.

6:30 came and I went to my church class, where I was able to basically relax since I didn't need to focus on mommyhood for a second and now I'm home putting my padawan to sleep. 

I had a whole post planned out about hair care (I will be doing it tomorrow), but to be honest today was one of those days that I just couldn't pull myself together to give you guys a post worth reading. If you came this far, I love you. If you didn't, well I still love you, you just won't have read it. 

I'm just thankful this "sock gift" kind of day is over and tomorrow is close behind. Hopefully your guys' Tuesday's have been much more light hearted and wondrous Jedi's, because this momma is going to try and sleep off the disaster (not really) now. 

Goodnight Jedi's and may the force be with you all.

*photo from Pinterest*

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