Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why Aloe Vera Should Be Your New Best Friend.

Aloe Vera has long been the go-to product for sunburns. It's infamous in this nature and since I was little, I can remember the smell of aloe on my skin after a day of fun in the sun - and from being stubborn and not putting on enough sunblock. What I didn't know until I was a little older, is that Aloe Vera is for much more than just a red payback from the sun. In fact, it's got almost every beauty regimen and health benefit covered!

Personally I prefer pure Aloe from the plant, but it isn't always readily available and I've found that the gel itself can supply a lot of the same benefits. For those of you wondering where to get pure Aloe Vera, you can go to a health food store - Sprouts for example - and some will have the actual leaves or the plant itself. They are both relatively cheap in price and it's been said that you can regrow an Aloe Vera plant by simply using the leaf itself, but that's for another post. 

Today I'm going to bring you into the health world of Aloe Vera and the amazing remedies it can provide. Now these are the ones I've personally tried - because why would I recommend something I can't attest to - but there are other supposed remedies out there. I will make a small list of those I haven't tried, but I won't be going into detail since I don't know the actual outcome. So let's get started.

First, let's talk about the things I've used Aloe Vera for, successfully:

1. Acne and Bacne: Even in my adult years I struggle with acne. Most of the times I can keep it under control with a few key ingredients (check out my acne routine HERE), but I still do experience the occasional flareups. I've also struggled with maintaining a good hormonal balance, which can cause acne to flareup in a massive way. Luckily Aloe Vera has been a lifesaver when it comes to dry, red, aching, agitated skin. For the best result, I highly recommend using the gel from the actual plant, but Aloe Vera gel from the stores can work wonders as well. Just make sure you don't get something with crazy additives. Health food stores can come in handy here as well, but I purchased mine from Target in the brand, "Up & Up". 

2. Dark Under Eye Circles: In the past I discussed a product I found for extremely cheap, that has the soul purpose of helping the under eyes in a multitude of ways (see that post HERE). One of the ingredients in that product was indeed Aloe Vera. After a little research, I found that if you apply pure gel from the leaves, your under eyes will [supposedly] be brightened and the dark appearance (parenting and insomnia's lovely gift) will gradually go down. I've been using the gel and while I still use my other product (see HERE) for morning puffiness, I do use the gel for nighttime. I've seen an improvement in the overall deepness of purple, but I will admit I still have dark under eyes. Albeit not as bad as before, but I wanted to include a full disclaimer. 

3. Moisturizer: This goes with the whole concept of "sunburn remedy". Aloe Vera puts moisture into your skin, giving it that refreshed feeling - hence why we put it on painful burns. The best part is you don't need aching skin to feel rejuvenated. I personally use this every day and even my tattoos look hydrated. The best part is, once everything is dry - yes it can be tacky for a little bit until it's fully soaked in - you won't be left with any crazy scent or greasy feeling. Simply a smooth, polished feel for seemingly dull skin. You can use it on the face as well!

4. After Shave: This is for the females AND males. I know that with my skin it tends to be extremely sensitive after shaving my legs, even with the most expensive shaving creams and razors out there. No matter what I do, I just can't seem to get a nice smooth after effect and it drives me bonkers. Well that is, until I started applying Aloe Vera onto my freshly shaved legs. Not only does it NOT sting, but again it's utterly refreshing. The best part isn't the instant sensation of "ahh", it's the fact that I have ZERO razor burn when I use the Aloe Vera! I was in shock when I didn't have the burning pain or frustrating bumps, even after using a cheap razor and cheap shaving cream. Thank you Aloe!!!

These are the remedies I've used so far, but this isn't the extensive list on the possibilities Aloe can provide. I do plan on continuing to try some if not most of these (when I do I'll update the post) but for now I'm going just going to make a quick list of what you can reportedly use Aloe for as well. In case you want to try them for yourselves. P.S. if you do, let me know and I'll include your testimony in this post!

- leave-in conditioner (supposedly helps it grow)
- hair gel
- brow gel
- detox
- makeup setting spray
- primer
- eyelash conditioner (supposedly helps them grow)
- toner (falls into the category of moisturizer though)
- anti-inflammatory (when drank)
- stretch mark cure
- acid reflux cure (when drank)
- moisturizing shampoo (when mixed with Castile soap)

Like I've said, I haven't tried these and there are actually quite a few other claims from Aloe Vera benefits (mostly when you drink it), but I do intend to at least sample a few of these down the road. For now though, I'm already pleased with the results my cheap remedy has provided me. 

What are you favorite ways to use Aloe Vera? Any that aren't mentioned here? Let me know in the comments section, an email, or on social media, and I will include your message here (with credit of course)!

Happy Wednesday Jedi's!

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