Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Sewing Subscription Box to Teach Your Padawans!!!

In the past I've shared with you guys a few of my sewing creations (a DIY personalized Jean Jacket, How to Hem, etc.). Well today I decided to share with you all a really neat subscription box that I think you might want to check out for yourself or your little padawans, if you're interested in learning the in's and out's of sewing!

Sew Surprised is a monthly sewing subscription box that allows you order monthly for any age group you desire. Every month focuses on a new lesson that builds on the last, allowing the subscribers to confidently learn how to sew with a sewing machine, like a pro. As you go, you're not only able to put your new skills to the test with a really cool project, but you are also given a secret code to watch a YouTube video that shows the project being completed! This allows you or the little one's, to follow along and see exactly how to complete your creations. 

My son and I were given two boxes to test out, giving me the opportunity to see if it was truly beneficial to a young 5 year old. Well I'm here to give you the inside scoop on whether or not this box is truly worth it. 

The first box was more of an introduction box, giving my son the supplies needed to get started. It came with fabric, notions, needles, and a few lessons on paper. This gave my son the opportunity to practice different angles, patterns, and stitches. 

The second box was a little more intricate, with a really cool "hidden pocket pillow case" project. With his second box, he was able to put the skills he learned in box one and actually make something useful. 

Being that this was his very first actual sewing project, I was utterly surprised with how well it all came out. He practiced hemming and sewing corners. This proved to be a lot more interesting to my little guy, but the first one was an anticipating box nonetheless.

It's been heard through the grapevine, that box one and two may soon be combined, giving kids the lessons, notions, goodies, AND project, the first time around. They don't want you to think that the first box (which is still pretty freaking cool) is all the subscription company has to offer.

With the videos playing alongside my padawan as he sewed - of course watching his hands (I was with him as well) - he seemed to really be able to grasp what he was doing. After he completed his project, he was so pleased with himself that he was immediately inspired to sew more and more. 

I think it's a really incredible opportunity to teach young ones - or yourselves - how to sew. Sewing can also come in handy when it comes to homeschooling as well!

My son for example, has learned how to measure his own fabric (addition, subtraction, fractions, counting, ect.). Sewing is a great attribute for anyone to know, because then the possibilities are endless. 

Personally I feel the lessons are well worth the simple cost of $25 per month (it gets cheaper if you subscribe for multiple months in a lump) and can teach my little guy far better than I ever could. In fact, even I am learning a thing or two about sewing. 

With the ease of a lesson in a box, delivered to your door monthly, I don't see why you wouldn't want to try it out! It not only teaches your kiddos a really cool life skill that they could use for years to come, but you'll get neat projects out of it as well! 

Interested in signing up for a sewing subscription with Sew Surprised, go ahead and click on any of the highlighted words or click HERE. P.S. if you already know how to sew and perhaps just want a little extra goodies galore, with fabric, patterns, and more, they have a really cool limited edition "Goodie Box" that you can order for only $10!

I'm in love with Sew Surprised and I truly think you would be too!!!

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