Thursday, February 2, 2017

What Games Are Worth It?

With so much amazing technology nowadays we have the capability of playing a video game with intense graphics, where we want, when we want. This isn't to say that technology has only brought us this far - on the contrary - but games are the focal point of this particular post. 

In the past I've talked about how I love playing video games: Nancy Drew, Octodad, along with a few others. Well today I'm focusing more so on the games that are played on phones (I think you can even play a few of the games I've mentioned on your phone, but that's neither her nor there). 

While my padawan is sleeping peacefully in his bed at night and all the chores have been completed, I'm often browsing on my phone to try and pass the time away. Really I just make excuses to be on my phone, because it's addicting. I admit it. 

When I'm not on social media, I find myself browsing the games store and playing a few recommendations, here and there. Most of the time the games get deleted and are no longer on my radar during "mommy time", but a few may the cut and stick around. 

After quite a while of playing these games, I figured I'd share with you all the ones that have kept me awake trying to defeat their levels! You have been warned.

1. Episode
This game is more so of a "reading" game. You get to choose different stories and play as the main character. Throughout the story, you as the main character (which you can even customize at times) get to make decisions that will affect the stories plot and ending. It closely resembles the layout of the old school Goosebump books, where you were deciding your destiny. 

You're given 4 passes to complete 4 chapters within whatever story/stories you've chosen to read/play. When you're out of passes, you'll have to either wait the 4 hours for them to be refilled or you can always purchase additional passes for REAL money. I opt out of paying and just wait the 4 hours. 

The first chapter is always free for every story. The real downfall (I think) is that majority (if not all) of the stories seem to be revolved around females being the lead characters. I do wish we could have a few more guy characters, to even up the playing field. 

2. Pokemon Go
A while back I talked about this game (see that post HERE) and how I was mildly frustrated with it's constant crashing. Well with my new phone (yay Christmas) I'm actually able to play the game (I also think it has to do with it's updates) which has led me to really get a handle on the game.

I love it. Plain and simple.

Now that it actually works, my son and I use it as an excellent exercise excuse. We even go with my dad and his girlfriend to try and "catch them all". It's brought us out of our comfort zone and while we are ALWAYS aware of our surroundings, we've noticed that on our Pokemon adventures, we often come across things we didn't normally notice. It's a great way to explore!

3. Word Cookies
This is a very simple unscrambling game. You make some words out of "lettered cookies" and try to find all the combinations. It's pretty self explanatory and lighthearted. I will say that sometimes I get frustrated, which is when I quit that game and move on. Eventually the word comes to me. 

The best part is, you're able to earn coins simply by beating levels and use hints with the coins you've earned. This is a huge benefit during those struggling moments of "what the heck is the word?!"

4. 1010!
This is like Tetris, but with a twist. 

You're given 3 blocks to form on a giant square, in hopes of making a filled vertical or horizontal line. When you've filled a line in either direction, it will whip out that line, giving you space for more and more. Like Tetris. This one however I feel is much more relaxing, as you don't have the "speed" of falling bricks that you have to maneuver. 

It's a great brain exercise using strategic moves. If you're not into that, don't do it. 

5. Gardenscapes 
This is a rendition of the computer game (at least that's where I first saw it). The back story is that you've inherited your uncles mansion along with a very helpful butler. When you arrive, the garden is an absolute disaster and needs a little TLC. 

In the computer game, you were searching for key items to gain "currency" to replace the furniture and such. In the phone version, you're doing "Match 3" style games to gain your "currency", so you can spruce up the garden. 

If you're into the whole "Candy Crush" style of gaming, but a little less....intense....this is the game for you! To be honest, I deleted "Candy Crush" and prefer this one way more!

And there you have it guys! Each of these games has really kept my attention. I know that they can be a bit strategic, but the fact that they are easy going is what really made me keep them. 

Games are meant to be fun, not stressful and agitating. Word Cookies may a bit frustrating at times, but compared to many of the other popular games, it's easy as eating cake. 

What kind of games do you like to play? Computer, Playstation, phone games, anything! Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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