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Confessions from a McDonald's Employee.

Many people started their working careers at some sort of burger joint. Mine - like millions of others - was good ol' Mickey D's. I have so many "fond" memories of the lovely golden arches, I could tell you stories for days. From drama inside the kitchen to secrets on the rooftop, I thought I'd start a little mini series called "CFAME". Confessions from a McDonald's Employee...maybe. Depends how this turns out. 

Now this is going to include quite a few funny stories and dramatic twists and turns, you may get lost a few times. The best thing about having it on the blog though, you can always re-read the stories whenever you feel like.  I'm not going to be including any regular names and the location shall not be disclosed, to respect people's privacy. 

I was about 16 years old when I lived in this semi-secluded region of a neighborhood, that bored a semi-busy town. Within walking distance, there was a McDonald's that I would quite often frequent - regardless of how unhealthy it was - to the point that when I turned 16 and wanted a job, I applied and was [obviously] then hired. 

Upon my first days I was trained, taught, and placed in the front of the eatery as your cashier/server. After a while I got really good and then was put in the back (drive-thru), where I excelled even more. Friendly attitude, quick reflexes, and a weird ability to multitask like no one else. Perfect for the drive-thru lunch rush. 

When you're working close to the managers office, can hear the cooks talking right next to you, and you're walking back and forth between the pie machine and register, you hear things. And see things. You know things. 

I was a opening worker. Our McDonald's was not 24 hours so at 6am I would haul my exhausted butt into McDonald's and get everything started for the early birds that would come for their [most likely] senior coffees. I would do the front register, the drive-thru, and the runner (the person who gets the food ready). At times I'd be the cook too, but that was on rare occasions. Once things picked up and more workers cam in, I would go and strictly work in the drive-thru. 

One morning I was opening up and doing my usual "to-do" list: make coffee, create a few burritos, warm up the grill, etc., when I overheard a very angry manager (we will call her Deena) yelling with someone that I couldn't quite make out. It wasn't until they barged in through our back door (one next to the manager's office, near the drive-thru register) that I realized it definitely was Deena and some guy. I couldn't really see him because our giant stock of buns were covering his face and I was stuck at the window taking orders, but I recognized the voice. 

They were arguing about something that had happened the night before. Unfortunately this woman was talking in my ear asking a million and one questions about what a "McGriddle" was, so I couldn't really make out everything. At this point all I could make out was "her, pot roast, how could you", and "just wait". I imagined that there was some sort of dinner plans, pot roast maybe, the dude was caught cheating or something with a "her" and Deena was out for revenge.

Obviously I didn't go ask her after she stormed off what the whole yelling was about, but you can bet my curiosity had peaked! I knew she'd talk about it with her fellow manager Mindy (name has been changed), because they were close and talked about everything. All I had to do was make sure I was near them during break time or down time (when the crowds aren't so intense).

Fast forward to around 11am. The breakfast rush was over and we weren't quite into lunch rush just yet, but I seen Mindy and Deena walking towards each other. I knew this was it. The story was going to be spilled. Luckily they were talking near the back pantry, which shared a wall with the pie oven. All I had to do was pretend like I was cooking pies in the back and cautiously listen in. When Mindy and Deena get together, they are completely oblivious to the rest of the world. 

After grabbing some pies from the freezer section and slowly waltzing over the pie machine, I placed each pie on the baking sheet one by one, as slow as humanly possible while listening in to the drama. 

Deena: "I just couldn't believe him. I mean, who does something like that? I slaved all day to make that pot roast!"

Pause. I knew she didn't slave all day, she had gotten off at 5 pm the previous day. But I was right about pot roast being dinner. 

Mindy: "I can't believe him. What did you say when he told you?!"
Deena: " I told him that he was out of his mind if he thought I would be ok with that. I threw him out of my house and slammed the door on his ass."
Mindy: "And he met you here at work this morning?! Girl, he must be freaking out!"
Deena: "I know! He kept asking me what was wrong and why I over reacted. ME! Over reacting! I never over react! I didn't slap him when he told me about his little side..."

Then someone calls her for managers assistance. Great. I go on, grab my pies and make my way back to the drive thru register. From this point I hadn't had any customers, but then things started to pick up and everyone was stuck doing their actual jobs. 

Lunch rush is over and I immediately spring into action, because I know Mindy and Deena are aware of the slow down, which means more gossip to come! Within a few seconds of that thought, I see Mindy basically sprint to Deena in the back office to hear the rest of the story (I was already sure of it). This made things super easy for me, because I could just stand here and do my other side job (packing Happy Meal boxes with toys) while listening. 

Mindy: "Ok so why didn't you slap him?"
Deena: "It wasn't worth it. I mean, he should've told me and all, but I can't change him. I accepted it and moved on."

Pause. You guys are thinking exactly what I thought. He has a side girl and Deena is ok with it. Yeah.

Mindy: "Wow. I don't think I could've been like you, I would've been pissed."
Deena: "Yeah well she's not too bad once you use her."

Pause. WHAT?!

Mindy: "I guess as long as you get to use her too, it's not such a bad thing."
Deena: "Exactly, but last night I was so mad because he went out with her all night, with his little friends, didn't come for dinner, and had the audacity to ask me why I was upset!"
Mindy: "Seriously?! He should've offered for you to at least come, but definitely should've just been home with you."

At this point shifts were beginning to change and Deena mentions that she's off now. Mindy gives her a hug and says she'd call her when she's off so they can talk more. I was so mad that I wouldn't be able to continue my sleuthing, but I knew more drama would follow. 

After Deena had left, our store manager (the boss man, but not the BIG boss) came in looking really down. I said "Hey Matt (name has been changed), you doing ok?" only to be answered with a shocking "No not really."

I didn't really want to hear about his day, I'll be honest, but call me intrigued. My other drama duo left, so nothing else much to do. 

Me: "What's up dude?"
Matt: "Me and the old lady got in a fight and it's just been rough."

Now mind you, Matt had gone on recently about how he had a new lady and things were awesome. He said we didn't know her, she was really cool, and hopefully someday he can bring her around. He was a laid back boss and I never thought anything of it. Until today.

Me: "Oh that sucks man, I'm sorry to hear that."  

It's at this exact moment that I click what just happened. 

Me: "Are things going to be ok?"
Matt: "I don't really know. I mean, I apologized even though I'm not sure what I did wrong. She seemed so happy."

Matt has always been an over sharer, so I knew with a few questions he'd spill his entire guts. 

Me: "What happened?"

Yup. I got straight to the point.

Matt: "Well, I got home last night from going for a midnight cruise with my friends and she was really pissed. I guess she made my favorite dinner special for me and I missed it. I told her I was going riding with them, but she was still really mad. She kicked me out to my place and then this morning she just yelled at me more."
Me: "Oh. You were just riding around? Maybe she's just upset that you didn't let her know you were with your friends?"

I was a little confused, because he hadn't mentioned cheating but I figured maybe he didn't want that to get out. 

Matt: "Yeah, she got all mad because I was with her..."

There it is.

Me: "Her?"
Matt: "Yeah, my car. I started working on her a while back. She's a classic so I decided to go ahead and ride with a few other guys who have classic cars. My girl got upset and told me she'd get revenge on my car. I mean, I love my girl, but I'm really scared for my car."

Ohhhhh. "Her" was his car, "just wait" was indeed revenge, and....our store manager is dating a regular shift manager. That right there, is a HUGE "no-no", but since my boss didn't know what I knew, he didn't have a reason to fear. 

I ended the conversation with "I have an order, sorry" and we went on with our days. It wasn't until a few weeks later, that EVERYONE found out these two were dating. The fact that they were dating was huge grounds for firing both of them, but it wasn't NEARLY as bad as HOW everyone found out. 

Want to know what happens? Check in next time for another CFAME!

Let me know what you guys think about this segment and whether or not you enjoyed my small storytime. I actually really like storytimes and thought about doing some more. I just don't want to bore all of you, so let me know what you think! 

Until next time Jedi's, may the force be with you all. 

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