Friday, February 3, 2017

Food Feature Friday #15: Easiest DIY Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken Strips!

It's Friday once again padawans and that means it's time to get down in the kitchen! It's also
Superbowl weekend, so I thought I'd share a recipe including the infamous appetizer so many of us will have on our tables: dip. 

In the past I shared with you guys a super simple, yet delicious, way to cook up Doritos Chicken tenders (see that post HERE) in as little as 25 minutes. Well this recipe closely resembles that one, with one big difference. Instead of 4 steps and 3 ingredients, you'll only need to complete 2 steps with 2 ingredients in as little as 20 minutes!

Yesterday I went to good ol' Trader Joe's with mi madre (my momma aka grammy to my mini me) and she so kindly bought me a couple items I needed to picl up, along with one very special extra item that I was able to taste test (and ended up falling in love with). 

Samples are my kryptonite. There, I said it. 

The sample yesterday was a "Bacon Cheddar Ranch" dip for $2.99. Apparently this has been a thing since 2012, but for whatever reason it hasn't been a "thing" in my fridge. They were giving the samples with some "Ridge Cut Potato Chips with Pepper and Salt" going for $2.99. One bite and I was hooked - per usual - but the first thing I immediately thought of, was how amazing this would go on chicken. 

The dip itself is a chunky yet creamy mixture of cheesy chunks, smooth ranch, and a hint of bacon that's not overwhelming but not subtle to where you don't taste it either. It's a perfect combination for anything you'd imagine. You may even want to try it as a thicker dressing for some salads, an added dressing for burgers, or how I made it!

So after my mom bought my a bag of chips (I went with sea salt, no pepper) and some dip for myself - along with a few other things, thanks mom! - we went home and I started to prepare what [I had hoped] would be a delicious dinner for my padawan and I. 

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Dip
Organic Chicken Strips

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, line your tray with foil, put some dip in a separate container (you don't want to taint the leftovers and remember, you can always add more with a clean spoon), and begin covering your chicken generously with the dip ALL over each strip. 

2. Put your chicken in the oven for 20 - 25 minutes (mine were done in 20 minutes), pull out your chicken, and turn off your oven. 

Serve and enjoy!

We decided to pair our bacon cheddar ranch chicken with corn on the cob and mashed potatoes (also all from Trader Joe's). 

Not only was it a huge hit with my kiddo (he scarfed down half the chicken strips I made), but I myself was utterly shocked with the appetizing aftermath of this glorious creation. I couldn't believe just how delectable - and easy - it was to make. Within 20 minutes we had a mouthwatering dinner on the table and a recipe to add for future meals. Now you have it too!

The best part? This entire meal fed 2 people for less than $10 ($3 for the dip and less than $7 for the chicken strips). If you bought a bigger portion of chicken strips, you could potentially feed up to 4 people, still using only 1 container of the "Bacon Cheddar Ranch dip". We ourselves have extra dip for chips!

So when you're out buying dip for the big game this weekend, save the extras for a savory dinner the family will be talking about!

Happy weekend Jedi's! Stay safe, have fun, and eat amazing foods! Most importantly, don't forget to keep on rockin'!

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