Friday, February 17, 2017

Food Feature Friday #17: Dozens of Donuts in San Diego!

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I'm a breakfast person. I absolutely love breakfast in all it's many forms: bagels, pastries, eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, fruit, and donuts. As long as I have a cup of coffee, perhaps even a glass of orange juice, I could eat morning delights all day long. There's just something about a delectable meal served first thing in the morning, that sets the entire day in a promising mood. 

Today my padawan and I decided to go out and try finding a donut store that's been buzzing around our town. It's been talk that there are a few really unique donut shops around our neck of the woods, but there was one in particular that apparently was "good yet not par with the others". I like playing advocate for the underdog, so I took it upon myself to venture into the supposedly "not par" donut shop and experience their eatery for myself. 

The particular donut shop I put to the test is called "Donut Factory". 

After waking up and officially deciding that today was a donut day, we made our way to the semi-infamous Donut Factory, to see if it would suffice in my craving for custard filled mini cakes. 

It's neatly tucked away in a lot that also acts as parking for a mechanic store, but it isn't hidden by any means, as they have a sign big enough to see from either angle. 

The appearance and first impression of this eatery, was clean, well-kept, and very well stocked. I could immediately see the wide variety of donuts behind the glass wall, along with a decently sized menu hung up above. 

So far, I'm very very intrigued. 

After seeing all the breakfast sandwiches lined up neatly on a grid of excellence, I opted to try one of their creations - not extremely "unique" or "out there" - to see the quality of their sandwiches along with the cakes I was about to devour.

I chose a ham, egg, cheese croissant. Within about 5 minutes, the kind lady behind the donut wall came out from the back of the store with my sandwich. 

I know how sketchy that may have sounded, but it's really not. I promise.

The croissant was very fresh and buttery, with an exquisite soft consistency. The egg, ham, and cheese were all portioned perfectly, creating the ideal meat-to-cheese-to egg ratio in every bite, every single time. The sandwich was a superb hit, even as a simple serving. It hit the spot for a hearty breakfast, but I still wanted to taste the sweet end of the Donut Factory. After all, that's what I really went for. 

Prior to ordering our sandwiches, we went ahead and picked out a select few - some were doubled - to taste test. 

They didn't have any crazy flavors or eccentric collection of donuts, but it wasn't your "plain Jane", "run of the mill" donut shop either. Some of the "different" styled donuts they had to offer however, were the fruity pebbles sprinkled donuts and the oreo sprinkled donuts. Both made it into our pink box. 

Overall we went with 8 donuts - no we didn't get a full dozen, sorry - which were: 1 chocolate bar, 1 fruity pebbles sprinkled donuts, 1 sugar donut, 1 oreo sprinkled donut, 1 maple bar, 2 custard filled chocolate icing donuts, and 1 apple fritter (small). 

First off, let me say that their custard is mouthwatering. It's rich, creamy, flavorful, and the perfect example of what custard should be. Almost every bite gave me a sweet spot of custard filling, making the portions - once again - perfect. 

As for the rest, the "simple" donuts were delicious, but not necessarily different from other donut shops. I will say that it definitely tastes homemade - compared to "factory made ones" - and it was freshly gooey. I do like these better than my donut shop across the street, but haven't necessarily compared these simplistic lovelies to another hyped donut shop around here. That's coming soon!

The "different" donuts - oreo and fruity pebbles - were pretty much the same scrumptious quality as the "simple" donuts. I love how the fruity pebbles nor the oreo, overwhelms the donut itself. The breading is soft and decadent just as everything else and the frosting was a nice thin layer, but not transparent either. 

I don't think these donuts are far beyond the rest, nor do they compare to the style of donuts I've seen - and heard - sold around (like the nutella donuts), but they are a step up from the donut shop that perhaps you go to, just because it's close. Personally I will be going back to this shop, because not only did I get donuts that I find to be worth it, but the service was also far beyond what I've experienced at some other shops. Those folks need coffee in their life...or change. 

Regardless I will be venturing out to find the king of donuts - yes I'm making it my quest to taste donuts - but for right now, this isn't the crown winner. It's definitely not a loser and will consistently be receiving my funds, but I don't think it's above and beyond. 

If you're looking for a donut that's above average, not too crazy, and perhaps a smoothie or sandwich to join your sweet cake, then I definitely recommend Donut Factory in San Diego, CA. If you're looking for the nutella donuts or ice cream sandwich donuts, stay tuned to see what I find!

Happy Friday Jedi's! Stay safe and if you're in Cali (or anywhere experiencing a severe storm), stay dry and warm! I know we will be headed to check out the newest Lego Batman movie tomorrow - weather permitting, so cross your fingers - but besides that we will be relaxing. I hope you guys have a ton of fun and if you have any requests of donut shops (or any eateries) you'd like me to try, let me know down in the comments below or on social media. Much love everyone.

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