Monday, February 6, 2017

Mommy Moments: My 5 Year Old Emo + New Segment That Involves EVERYONE!

Happy Monday everyone! Alright that was so dang chipper, not even I bought it. 

Today is Monday. The day I truly believe is thee most dreaded day of the week. Everyone goes through it (whether or not your "Monday" is on an actual Monday or not) and sometimes it turns out to be a really great Monday. Other times it turns out exactly how the common Monday meme's portray them to be. Lagging, never ending, exhaustive days that we can't wait to be done with. 

This past weekend was filled with self-revelations, bonding memories, and a Superbowl that shocked our household. Today however, once the hustle and bustle was done and over, my padawan and I were back on track for our weekly schooling, clean ups, and "what the heck kind of question is that?!" moments. 

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This morning while I was making coffee, my little mini me decided to question my coffee methods and why I "looked different" after drinking my entire cup. I couldn't help but just start laughing hysterically and it was then during those belly laughs that I thought of something. What if I do a "Mommy Moments" section every Monday?! 

Obviously this isn't set in stone and I think I'll do today as a trial run (possibly along with a few other Mondays) to see how things go.

Basically I want to create a mini-segment like I did with my "Food Feature Fridays", but in this segment it would be all about mommyhood (or daddyhood, everyone's welcome). I want us to come together and talk about some of the funny, sad, upsetting, confusing, and just down right weird moments of parenting. THIS INCLUDES PET PARENTS TOO!

I know that animals can be JUST as crazy and for some people, they only have pets instead of kids. So like I said, EVERYONE'S welcome!

Maybe your kids asked really hilarious questions. Maybe you have a funny story about how you snuck that last piece of chocolate into your mouth without the kiddos realizing. Or maybe you had a really really horrible day and just need to vent it all out. We're here to share. I will tell a few of my "Mommy Moments" and will happily share with you guys some of the stories from all you! If you want to be featured in a future post, all you have to do is email me by clicking the email button on the upper right side of my homepage or simply send your email(s) to  You can also direct message or private message me on Instagram or Twitter! Both buttons - again - are on the upper right hand corner. To be even more convenient, you can also comment down below and I'll be sure to read each one. 

If you DON'T want to be featured, but still want to share with my your stories, I'm more than happy to read them all and respond! If you DO want to share, but want to remain ANONYMOUS, simply sign your email/message with *anonymous* or say so in your message. I will always keep your privacy no matter what and respect your wishes if that's what you'd prefer. We're all about love and comfort here! 

You can even send pics with your story if you want to and I will gladly put them in the future posts. Of course every story and picture will get credit to the original author, unless they want to remain anonymous. I still won't take credit for the story or pictures, but I'll simply label them "anonymous". 

To start off this segment, I thought I'd share with you guys a mini storytime of what happened between me and my padawan:

Sunday morning comes around and we wake up to the sound of our "oasis alarm" from my cell phone. It's 8am and time to get up for church and the superbowl. 

I roll over and begin sitting up, to which I briskly turn around ready to say "Good Morning" to my mini me. It's then that I see he's stretched himself out like a rag doll and is staring at the ceiling with a very curious look on his face, like he's pondering the Pythagorean Theorem or something. 

I immediately say, "What's wrong?!", only to be given the answer of, "Nothing. I just really want to skip today." 

I asked, "Skip church?".

"No, just the whole day."

This took me completely by surprise. I didn't understand how a 5 year old could be so in tune with how many of us adults feel, when his biggest problem is brushing his teeth for more than 4 seconds. 

After a few minutes of staring at him to see if there was any indication as to what he really meant, he looks at me and says: "I can't find my Whoopie Cushion. I can't prank Pop Pop (we were heading to my dad's house, who's nickname is "Pop Pop"). What's the point..."

I laughed you guys. I laughed so freaking hard that I think I nearly scared him half to death. I didn't mean to and I had to apologize immediately so he didn't think his feelings weren't valid, nor was I laughing at him, but I was laughing. Cry laughing. This little boy was facing the dilemma of not being able to pull fart pranks on his grandpa. Something so simple yet comical, but so serious that he was pulling an "emo teenager fit". You know, the one's were they go "Life is so bleak, what's the point of anything...". I know you know what I mean. 

I reached my hand over to his little hand as he lay completely still giving me the death stare and said, "It's on your TV stand". 

He jumped up out of bed so quickly, you'd have thought I told him he was having chocolate donuts for breakfast. He grabs his Whoopie Cushion, gives it a good squeeze, and says, "Ok. Let's do this.".

Want to know the best part? After we spend a good 30 minutes packing the car and triple checking that we had everything, after we were done with church and half way to Pop Pop's house for the Superbowl, my padawan says in thee most calm yet disappointing voice: "I forgot my Whoopie. No farts today."

Needless to say he ended up surviving without the fart maker for one day, but vowed that he'd return with a vengeance. 

I just remember telling myself, "Man, if only things were as simply as remembering to bring a Whoopie Cushion to pull fart pranks on people."

Moral of the story: Apparently 5 year old "emo" problems can all be solved by a fart toy. 

Hopefully this will be a big hit with you guys and I'd love to hear your stories! I feel like this might be the little pick me up we all need to get through these treacherous Monday's. So let us join together and fight the dark side! I mean Mondays! 

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