Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pokemon Go Update: 80 New Finds and Rare Pokemon Becoming Common!

In the past I've discussed the infamous game that I'm sure many of you have seen or experienced yourself. I'm of course talking about Pokemon Go. 

Recently I did a review about mobile games that I personally felt were worth playing (check out that post HERE) and Pokemon Go was one of the games I talked about. Now, my initial review for Pokemon Go (see that post HERE) was done in a separate post, but the recent review is an updated version. 

In a nutshell, Pokemon Go is the virtual game of the 1996 Pokemon card collecting game (1997/1998 TV Show) that took the world by storm. It gave the older generation Pokemon lovers - like myself - and the newer generation Pokemon lovers - like my padawan - the chance to go out and "catch" their very own Pokemon with their mobile devices - tablets, cellphones, iwatches, etc. You won't just find all the Pokemon in one region of the county, which should entice you to go out and check out new areas - please be careful regardless - in search of the "harder to find" Pokemon, creating the ultimate Pokemon collection, thus gaining a [personal] title of "greatest trainer ever"! For us it has become a motivation of exercise and exploration with my young one, giving us the opportunity to bond while nonchalantly getting a mini-workout. 

There had been word around the fire that Niantic/Nintendo was going to release a new update within the week - expected more towards the 18th - but when my App Store gave a notification that Pokemon Go had an update ready to download, I knew this was what I was waiting for.

This update had given the players the opportunity to evolve Pokemon into newer evolution's (Eevee for example, has more evolution's) and new Pokemon altogether. We were also given new fruit to feed your Pokemon, with new bonus' around. One thing I had hoped with this update, was for "rarer" Pokemon - like Snorlax for example - to be a little more common. Perhaps Jinx, Snorlax, Lapras, and Farfetch'd would pop up every once in a while, instead of never. I will say that a lot more unique Pokemon have been popping out of 5 km eggs - and the 10 km eggs - than prior. This is from the last update though, not particularly this one. 

After the download was complete, I waited for everything to load. As I was anticipating checking out what new Pokemon were [hopefully] close by, I quickly checked my email and found that I also got an email notification about the update. 

In the email, it told that the newest release of Pokemon, generate around the "favorites" from Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold (1999), including Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. 

If you don't remember, these three Pokemon were the three you were able to choose from as your starting Pokemon in the Gold and Silver Nintendo games. Whether or not they will be just as difficult to find as the three original starter Pokemon's (Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle) is up for opinion, but as of right now I haven't found any of them. Although I've only been playing this update for a few hours now. 

Upon starting our walk we were able to find 6 new Pokemon from the newest generation release, while my dad was able to capture 16 new ones today, proving it was a great day for Pokemon hunting. Personally I was able to find Sentret, Natu, Sunkern, Murkrow, Snubbull, and Slugma. 

For those of you still looking for Togepi, I was able to find mine purely by hatching a 5 km egg. It wasn't anything special and it seems like this will be the only way - at least from what I've seen - you'll be able to find this adorable little egg Pokemon. 

I will say that while the Pokemon are spawning at the Pokestops in higher quantities now, they are also spawning completely randomly down side streets, so no [safe] street should go un-walked. 

With this newest update, I've also collected two new types of berries to help with the capturing of stubborn Pokemon. We were originally given one type of candy - the raspberry - to help the Pokemon fight the ball with less strength (in a way), but now we are given Nanab Berries and Pinap Berries. 

The Nanab Berries are to "calm a Pokemon down, making it less erratic", which I'm not sure why it truly differs from the Razz Berries - perhaps even stronger "calming" effect? - but I intend on finding out. 

The Pinap Berries are to "make a Pokemon drop more candy". So if you find a Pokemon that you desperately need multiples of to evolve - perhaps Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados - feed this berry to your chosen Pokemon in the midst of capturing it (before you through the Pokeball) and it should give you more berries for that particular Pokemon. Again, I haven't tested this specific berry out, but I do intend on it. 

So far I think that the update has brought further buzz and excitement to the already popular game for generations spanning over 20+ years. I'm really glad to see ease being consistently downloaded with each update, helping with any sort of bugs, crashes, or Poke problems. I do hope to see more Pokemon spawning at the same rate they were today and that the "harder" Pokemon become less impossible to find, but for now I'm pleased that the update hasn't caused any downfall in my hope for the game. Knock on wood it doesn't change!

When we've played the game a little more and practiced with all the berries, I'll be sure to come back and do an update, along with a notation in the current post for the day. 

As of now, I'm still a fan of Pokemon. I'm a little weary that they will expand to all 720 Pokemon, practically forcing us to battle in gyms like crazy (to get Pokecoins) or dish out actual cash to upgrade our Pokemon bag - where we store our cute creatures - but for now it seems to only expand to 240. That's still more than what our actual bag allows us to hold - 200 I believe? Correct me if I'm wrong - but for now I'm still excited about the endless adventures we're are about to embark on, to continue our quest of becoming the greatest Pokemon trainers! 

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