Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"Skating on Thin Ice" - Murder She Wrote series #35: Another Hit or Ice Cold? (Book Review)

A few weeks ago I shared with you all my new obsession of collecting - and reading - the "Murder She Wrote" book series (you can see that post HERE). I was unaware of their existence until recently, so I'm barely starting, but that hasn't stopped me from trying my best to play catch up! Especially since they are apparently still releasing new stories, helping to keep the love alive! 

In my last review, I mentioned how my mother and stepdad graciously gifted me another book to include in my "Murder She Wrote" collection (for those of you counting, that makes two!). Upon finishing the last book I've been adamantly trying to read #35, cleverly titled "Skating on Thin Ice", during any free time I can spare. 

Recently my padawan started taking a fun class at his charter school (yes he's still homeschooled), which lasts about an hour. During this time I tend to relax and give myself some "mommy time". Granted I'm waiting outside his classroom and I don't actually go anywhere, but it's the concept that counts.

It's been during this time - along with a few other spontaneous moments - that I've been able to catch up on my reading. Well today I finally finished #35 and I absolutely can't wait to review this one for you all! 

Just like my last review, I will NOT be including ANY spoilers!

This story surrounds a [semi] new ice skating rink that has been reopened and it's prestigious Olympic coach training an Olympic hopeful ice skater, Christine Allen. When "accidents" start to arise, people start to assume that the trio (the coach, Christine, and Christine's new partner) is destined to fail thanks to someone's doing. When someone from the trio ends up dead, Jessica Fletcher gets to work by putting on a pair of skates (despite Seth Hazlitt's advice) to catch the cold blooded killer before they get away with murder. 

Throughout the entire story, you aren't captivated like the newly acclaimed "murder mysteries" you may be used to on TV or in the more recent novels released, but if you're looking for an easy going "cozy" style mystery, look no further. Similar to the book I reviewed prior, this is a style of mystery that leaves you with every single clue necessary to solve the "who done it" yourself. 

I rather enjoyed the easy going pace of this 5 year old mystery, especially when I need to go from "calm momma" to "wide eyed and alert momma" in a matter of seconds. It also makes for a good light read before bedtime or first thing in the morning. 

Personally I can see the consistency of writing styles between this book (released in 2011) and my previous book review (Hook, Line, and Murder released in 2016), making both intimate loves of mine. 

I truly think that if you're looking for a calm, easy going, solvable murder mystery, this is the one for you. If you're looking for an intricate story that supplies brainteasers and [possible] nightmares, I would steer clear of this one and head more towards the newer novels. These are for the lighthearted, not the adrenaline junkies. Overall though, I'm a fan. I'm not a horror person to begin with, so this is the book for me! 

What kind of murder mystery or just regular mystery books - or series - do you like to read or want a review on? Would you like more "Murder She Wrote" reviews or perhaps some "Nancy Drew" ones? Or do you like stories of a more recent time? Let me know in the comments below or on social media using #TWRC! 

Happy Wednesday Jedi's! Hopefully it was a better day than yesterday. I know mine was!

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