Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day: Mommy and Son Edition!

First off, I'd like to say Happy Valentine's Day to all you beautiful Jedi's. I hope you've had an absolutely splendid day. 

Today my padawan and I went on a mini hike and educational tour, down at the Cabrillo National Monument here in Southern California. Personally I had never been - neither had my little guy - but I had heard lots of good things about the park itself. We lucked out though, because not only were we getting to experience something new, we went with my son's charter school and they had a park ranger show us around! 

Let me just say now, our park ranger was thee coolest dude ever. He had special keys and granted us special behind-the-scenes access to the lighthouse basement, the lighthouse kitchen, and a super cool secret bunker. 

Once we got to the gorgeous monument on top, we were greeted with a breath taking panoramic view of San Diego. We greeted the other kids and the educational facilitators that put this entire event together, then went on our way exploring the park with our awesome ranger. 

After about two hours of a splendid tour, we took a mini hike around the mountain and then headed home. 

Yes I'm aware that this wasn't a very long post today, but honestly I'm exhausted. We went grocery shopping afterwards, did a little more schooling, ate food in between, and now we are worn out. Which means that this momma and her padawan will be hitting the hay early. 

I really hope you guys had an absolute wonderful day and I wish you all the best. Happy Valentine's Day from Momma and Mini Me.

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