Monday, February 27, 2017

Water Delivery Service Review: Sparkletts to the Rescue?

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend has been filled with errands, relaxation, and a recent purchase/subscription from Costco [that I'm currently testing out to see if it will indeed truly save me money] was delivered. 

Growing up I'm sure you've known someone - or perhaps your own parents - would have this water jug hoisted upside down on some weird contraption that would magically give us water on demand, with a press of a knob. I know my dad had one, but personally I never have. 

Well last week I went to Costco to purchase a few items for the household, when a very intriguing booth caught my eye. It was the Sparkletts water booth and they were doing sign-up's for their water delivery. 

Growing up my grandma would always have her water delivered, so I know the added benefit that comes with having giant jugs of water delivered to your doorstep. Seeing as how my padawan and I are avid water drinkers, I thought this might be a really neat money (and time) saver for our household. We buy roughly 18 to 20 gallons of water a month to drink (priced at around $1 per gallon), making it a pain in the butt having to carry that many gallons into the house. I understand that it's "not that hard", but I truly dread that moment. 

With this offer from Sparkletts I was going to not only have my water directly delivered monthly, but I was going to be able to save money!

Each jug holds 5 gallons of water and you pay roughly $6 for each gallon that you have in your home. We went for a total of 2 gallons (around $12 a month total) and we're "renting" a brand new water machine for roughly $4 a month, bringing our complete total to roughly $16 plus a cheap delivery fee for water delivered every two weeks. One bill, once a month. No contract either, meaning you can cancel at any time. 

Every two weeks the water guy will come by on a set date to check for refills or to pick up any extra jugs you may not need. However many jugs you need refilled, simply place your empty jugs outside on by your front door on delivery day and watch them "magically" be refilled. 

At first I was a bit skeptical, because I really didn't want to rent a machine nor purchase my own, but after seeing the machine would allow me to load the water on the bottom of the machine (instead of trying to chuck it upside down) AND it gives me hot water on demand (it's also childproof), I was sold. Another bonus is that if something goes wrong with the machine, Sparkletts will fix/take care of it no problem. 

After giving the nice lady my Costco card (so she could fill out my information), I was told that I'd receive a call in a matter of days, so I could set up a time and date when the water guy could deliver my first order. The next day I got a phone call and was told that on Saturday I would have my stuff delivered and set up! 

Saturday couldn't come soon enough and I was in high anticipation for this entire set up to be...well, set up. 

I'll be honest with you guys, all I could think about is how coffee (I use a French Press, see HERE) and tea will be at my instant beck and call, since the water dispenser gives me instant hot water. 

Finally the day came and I saw the Sparkletts truck pull up on my street. I literally squealed with joy, because I was dying to see it. The gentleman came upstairs, loaded up my machine, explained to me how to change out the jugs, showed me where he'd leave the jugs for refill when I'm not home, and told me the exact days when he'd stop by for refills. Within about 10 minutes, we were in business. 

Immediately I began to drink from my new machine, basking in the glory of not having to do anything. My fridge isn't stocked with gallons, I don't have gallons of water stored in my closet, I don't have to boil water anymore, and it's automatically cold and delicious. My padawan was really impressed as well, because now he can refill his own water bottle. Which also means once less "demand" from my spawn throughout the day. 

After using my [so far] trusty electric water dispenser (kinda freaky if you think about it) for the past two days, I have to say that overall it's been an amazing thing. I will say that I truly feel spoiled right now. The benefits have far outweighed the bad, along with the cost being pretty efficient compared to purchasing bottled or gallons of water from the stores. 

The only real downside is that the cost isn't drastically different compared to the price, at least for me. While it does save gas, time, and energy (the hot water thing is still really cool), I do wish it was a little more apparent with how much I save. Regardless, I definitely think it's well worth it! 

We've already gone through half a jug of water (yes, it's only been 2 days), but in our defense I think it's because we continuously kept drinking it just because we were super excited to use it. I guess that's a possible bonus as well. You might be encouraged to drink more water. 

This machine has made coffee being made in the morning go from 7 minutes (roughly) to about 1 minute with it's instant hot water. It truly is childproof as well, so your little ones can't scold their hands (I would like to recommend that you don't have them stand too close when using the hot water, as sometimes it can splash a little). If you don't want hot water thought - or don't need it - there is a button near where you load the water, that allows you to turn it off altogether. 

Now that I've joined the "water dispenser" club, I do feel a little closer to 80 (no offense to anyone, ever), but I also feel efficient and still a bit spoiled. I enjoy every glass from my energy efficient, electric water dispenser and you can bet my padawan does too. 

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