Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Windows From H*LL.

Oh man you guys, today has been filled with drama, exhaustion, and daunting tasks that I truly don't wish to ever repeat. 

For the past few months it's been known in our complex, that all the window would be replaced. This in itself can cause anxiety, because it not only means strangers will be coming into your house by the handful, but it also means that your home will no longer be orderly - or however it normally is, no judgement here. It means that your home will be filled with chaos, loud noise, and a really agitated momma. At least with me. 

Around 7:30 am I had to wake up, get my padawan ready for the day, cook breakfast, clean up, take down the curtains, make sure things were "as requested" by the maintenance crew and the landlord - furniture away from the wall for example, and then go about my day while a group of 4 to 5 grown men parade through my house, breaking windows out and installing new ones. 

I know this probably isn't a huge deal to a lot of people and it's probably an easy going task for most to overcome, but for someone who has severe anxiety it's a freaking nightmare. 

I knew this day was coming. I knew the exact day. I also knew the exact time. I still wasn't prepared.

People began walking on my carpet WITH their shoes on - germaphobe here, how ya doin - carrying these big ol' windows to and from the rooms, men were going in and out of mine and my son's bedroom, and my bathroom became a dusty mess. 

Do you have any idea how much anxiety someone like me gets when they literally watch their home become filthy, without me being able to really do anything about it? It's TORTURE!

I went the entire day trying to not think too much into it, but as soon as I got home and finished dinner, it was KILLING me inside. Want to know the worst part? It's after 10 pm right now and I STILL haven't gotten to vacuum! 

Things got in the way, life took a few turns, and before I knew it, it was time for bed. I'm sitting in my living room staring at the carpet, contemplating pissing off my downstairs neighbors with the vacuum...no I'm not a cruel person. We all need peace and sleep. I do know however that I'm going to be setting my alarm early and vacuuming as soon as time permits. 

Really it's just good manners to not start before 10 am, so I try my best to abide by that "policy". Even if most don't. 

All I know now is, I'm going to have to deal with this dirty carpet until 10 am and make the best of this situation for now. So I will be cleaning up the bathroom, showering, and hitting the sack. 

Goodnight Jedi'!

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