Friday, March 10, 2017

Food Feature Friday #20: Are You A Square?!

Ah, Friday. It comes ever so slowly and leaves far too quickly. Thankfully it's a weekly thing and we have two days after it to sleep in.

This week's "Food Feature Friday" is a review of a local eatery that provides mainly decadent desserts and delicious drinks, along with bangin' bagels galore.

In San Diego, CA there's a place called "Square Bar Cafe", but don't fret it's not an actual bar. More like a chill hangout spot for you and your friends (or family) can just hang out and eat some mouthwatering eats.

Today was a particularly warm day in San Diego and while it wasn't "Summer hot", it was deserving of a proper cool down "meal". So we drove to 4488 Convoy Street and found ourselves smack dab in the center of awesomeness.

This quaint establishment is toned down in the decor department - white and black mostly - with a pow of wow in their foods department. A menu plastered on the wall gives notice of the delectable offerings "Square Bar Cafe" has and after debating for a few minutes, I chose a 'Hangar 24' (fresh mango slush, chamoy, apple chunks, popping boba, and Tajin sprinkles on top) while my padawan went with 'Cookie Monster' ice cream in a cone with 'Cookie Crisp' cereal stuck to the rim with marshmallow.

'Hangar 24' was absolutely refreshing with a ting of citrus pleasure. While not being too tangy, it's the perfect combination of flavors and textures in one, with a blast of childhood (Mexican candy) coming through each sip of the straw. 

The green popping boba sitting on the bottom was a fantastic addition with each sip, as they burst in your mouth with added apple accents. 

As for the ice cream, it tasted very much like a vanilla ice cream with a maddening mixture of cookies throughout. The blue wasn't a representation of the flavor, but that may be obvious due to the name of the ice cream itself (the cookie monster from Sesame Street is blue). 

They have a select few ice cream flavors, but the overall selection seems to be of a satisfactory variety.

The cone was a standard cone with the same loveable cereal you see on the shelves in your grocery store. The "frosting" was just a hardened [previously melted] marshmallow. It didn't give a crazy new taste, but it wasn't as dry as some cones can be either. A good hold. 

The proportions were amazing for the drink (20 oz.), while the cone was one simple scoop. It didn't fill the cone at all. Whether or not this is intentional is left up to opinion. 

Besides drinks and ice cream, they also include a variety of colorful and tasty bagels. Personally I wanted to eat a pizza, so naturally I chose a pizza bagel. 

The proportions were exquisite for this item and the cheese:sauce:toppings ratio was beyond excellent. 

It took a few minutes for my pizza bagel to pop out ready to eat, but with my first bite I was in love. 

The bagel was soft, the cheese was rich and creamy, the pepperonis were fresh and meaty, the sauce was plentiful and flavorful. 

Basically it was a REALLY good pizza bagel. 

Really everything was beyond expectations and I'm truly pleased to have tried one of their many choices. I've seen them all over Instagram with some pretty intense looking desserts and eats (see HERE), but to be able to actually experience them - albeit we didn't do anything too eccentric - is a whole other story.

I highly recommend this hangout spot for an afternoon of refreshing drinks (slushies, coffee, tea), creatively cold ice cream, or a beautiful bagel if you're in San Diego.

Until next time Jedi's, I hope you're having a fantastic Friday and your weekend is filled with delciousness. May the force be with you all. 

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