Tuesday, March 7, 2017

[Cheap] Makeup Tips For All Day Flawlessness!

I am far from a beauty guru in any aspect, but I have learned a couple tricks that have helped me to maintain my "look" throughout the day, regardless the circumstances. Of course they aren't fool proof or 100% guaranteed to work for absolutely everybody, but what I can tell you is that these tips I've learned have helped me tremendously. 

It was today during my "simple makeup routine" (you know, the kind you put on to look a little less dead, but not so much that you have to wear pants) that I realized these tricks may not be as apparent to others. Most of these have been circulating around internet (I've particularly seen them on Pinterest quite a bit), but I figured it was still worth sharing with my beloved readers. 

What kind of person would I be if I didn't share potentially helpful knowledge with you all?!

In December I talked about how to get the best brows for your buck, with an ultimate [cheap] win (see that post HERE). Well what I didn't share - because I hadn't learned it yet - was a very easy way to keep your straggly hairs (if you have wild ones like I do) in place all day, WITHOUT wax.

Wax products are meant to help tame your brows in a specific position that allows for optimal "brow power", but the problem with wax is that it can lead to over application (causing you to have bolder brows than desired) or it can get "flaky" (with cheap wax). Also, wax tends to smudge, which is why majority of the time you'd apply a powder on top to help set your brows. 

Well this can lead to numerous "problems" with [again] too much product build up and your brows can still smudge. Really any product can smudge if you rub hard enough, but for some reason - at least with me - powder and wax never seem to set still on my face. Which is why I choose to go with a brow pencil (discussed HERE). 

My particular brow pencil is a "wax" consistency, but not to the effect of most "waxes". To help keep them in place however, I use one very simple technique. Hairspray. That's right, hairspray. But not just any hairspray. If you choose a harsh or "stiff" hairspray, you're going to be left with a VERY odd feeling all day. 

I choose Aussie hairspray in level 1 flexible hold. I simply spray a little on a spoolie and gently brush my hairs in the way I want them to sit all day, AFTER I've put on my brow pencil. This gives me a natural look (again, I emphasize the GENTLE part) and keeps any wild ones from dancing out of place during the day. 

This is the overall basis to your blank canvas - if you so choose to apply foundation - which can be a trying time overall. 

Between streaky lines, too much product, or splotchy areas (along with many other problems that can arise), it can be difficult to get the right coverage. The best thing I've every done when it comes to applying foundation is by using a damp sponge. 

Now, I use a specific sponge meant to be dampened and used for foundation (see that post HERE), but this doesn't mean you necessarily have to go out and purchase one specifically designed for such a thing. You know those cheap white (or whatever color you buy) triangle sponges? Sure they aren't the grandest things in the bunch, but they can still be dampened and used in [mostly] the same format. 

Of course I HIGHLY recommend a designated sponge when using this technique, but the overall principle is the same. When you dampen a sponge (soak it under water then squeeze all the water out) it allows it to soak up LESS product when applying it to your face. It also helps you avoid applying too much AND streaky foundation to your golden face.

Another great thing about wet sponges, they are WAY easier to clean than brushes!

Lips are for smiling, eating, and sometimes an added pop of color for the day. The problem is, if you have dry lips or un-prepped lips, you can have a very...off set of lips. 

I struggle constantly with having dry, chapped lips. Besides constantly applying chapstick all day, every day, I also make sure to scrub away any dead skin in the morning. 

You can choose to do this a few different ways: you're toothbrush or a designated lip scrubber. 

In the past I've talked about my go-to lip scrubber (see that post HERE) and believe me when I tell you that it's changed my lipstick game completely! Not only does it give me a moisturizing scrub, but it removes any skin flakes (yes, I'm aware of how nasty it sounds) without scrubbing to harsh. This gives me a completely smooth surface. 

Personally most of these have completely changed my makeup routine. I can't even begin to explain how happy I am now that I've learned these tricks. Hopefully now you too can up your makeup game with longer lasting makeup!

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