Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Chaotic As A Pile Of Legos.

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Ugh, today was filled with a bunch of cleaning, organization, and just plain mommy duties. 

My little padawan went to his weekly class at his learning facility for a couple hours and instead of relaxing - which is what I intended on doing - I spent the day pretty much doing exactly what I normally do. House duties. 

I woke up this morning before my alarm clock - which was bittersweet - then got my little guy fed full of breakfast goodness. He had a little time to relax while I showered, then I packed his lunch and prepared him for his class. After he was dressed, we set off for his schooling and I went home to begin my regimen. 

Washed the dishes, unloaded the dishwasher, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned my son's room, picked up my room, made a quick trip back to my son's school (he was having a roughish day) to give him a special treat to help him get through the rest of his day, ironed, changed all the bedding, dusted, and then vacuumed.

Once everything was done, it was time to get my little guy and I realized that I had truly not rested at all. I know that it's not a huge defeat, because I can rest when he's asleep, but it did suck a little to not do anything I had hoped on doing today. 

I originally intended on seeing a movie, maybe stopping by the bookstore to check out the new releases, finish the blog post early for today, and maybe get a few chores completed. That did not happen - obviously - but I'm really glad with what I did accomplish. 

When my padawan got home, I cooked dinner, cleaned up, played with him, and then got him ready for bed. 

Now that the house is finally at peace and everything is taken care of, I can rest in peace. 

I truly intended on doing a review today of a movie or a storytime, but as you can see that did not end up happening. With so much having taken place today, my brain simply couldn't focus on providing a quality review or storytime. So "unfortunately" I've done this "life" post. 

With nothing left to complete or deal with, I'm off to shower, watch a movie on Netflix, and relax until I drift off into a sweet slumber. Hopefully you guys had a great Wednesday! I really miss you guys and I want to offer an apology. 

I know that my posts haven't been extremely informative or perhaps similar in style to my past posts, but I can tell you that I've got quite a few ideas roaming in my head. It's just going to take a minute to gather my thoughts and complete everything up to my standards. 

Until then, thank you guys for always supporting the blog. You have no idea how amazing it feels to know that you Jedi's have stuck by regardless of what goes on. I love you and don't ever forget to smile, because you are always worth it. 

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