Thursday, March 2, 2017

Confessions From a McDonald's Employee Pt. 2

Last week I did a mini storytime about my days at McDonald's. I got a lot of requests for a continuation and to talk more about being a McDonald's employee. So I'm back with another round! Also I won't be making this one as long as the prior one (see HERE), as that was the beginning which means it needed more details. Now let's get into the story. 

If you haven't read last weeks story, I suggest you do so now and then return to read this one. 

Today I'll be telling you guys about the time we had baby momma drama. 

On this day I was working in the back - again - servicing the drive thru customers. On my off time I was starting to clean dishes since we were done with dinner rush (around 7 pm). The thing about the dishes area, is that there is a giant wall separating the sink from the rest of the restaurant, so in retrospect you could potentially go unnoticed from the rest of the crew while cleaning. One thing a lot of people don't take into consideration though, is it echos when you talk towards the back of the room, so whoever is washing dishes can still hear the conversations made near the back area (hopefully that didn't sound confusing).

While I was washing the dishes, I heard an irate woman screaming bloody murder towards the front of the McDonald's. I dropped the tray I was cleaning and peaked around the corner to see what all the commotion was. That's when I saw Matt (he was in last week's story) trying to calm down the lady in a subtle voice. She was saying something to him, but I couldn't make it out. 

You could tell however, that it was to no avail and she was only becoming more agitated as he was attempting to fizzle the situation. She was throwing her fists in the air, yanking on her hair, and then she started to get outrageous. 

It was at this time that I checked the cameras to make sure there were no cars coming towards the drive thru, kept my headphones on just in case, grabbed some extra ketchup packets (to make it look like I was just refilling the baskets for the front servers) and carefully crept towards the now furious, roughly 5' 6", wide built woman with a face for revenge. 

With ketchup in hand, I tried to not act like I noticed what was going on - although everyone else in our crew was blatantly watching the situation - as to not draw more attention to the nosy workers watching her every move. No need to add flame to the fire. 

Once I was a little more in ear shot, I was able to focus on what she was screaming about and what Matt was saying to her. With a few seconds having passed and not quite getting a clear understanding what had happened, I asked another crew member working the front (we will call her Laura) what was going on.

Laura: That woman right there just found her son's dad upstairs with someone else and she's pissed. 

Me: How the heck do you know this?! 

Laura: Check the footage. Now shhh, I'm trying to hear.

You see, our McDonald's was two floors. The owner opted out of a playground and to keep additional parking, he decided to just add a second floor eating area. Trust me, all of us were extremely thankful, because it would've meant we would've had to have cleaned up after hundreds of kids. No thanks. 

I slowly walked away towards the back of the area, where the managers office was. That's where I saw Deena glued to the monitor. Perfect.

Me: Hey Deena, you watching the drama in the lobby?

Deena: Ha! I'm the one who saw what happened first and sent Matt to deal with her. 

That's when I heard the ambulance and police cars pull up and rush into our McDonald's. I twisted so fast to look towards the front and saw the medics running towards the counter, leaning down in front of the registers (somewhat hidden unless you lean over and actually look, or go around the counters to the lobby) and the police officer was escorting the lady to the side to talk to her. Matt was also being questioned along with a few of our front crew members. 

Two cop cars and one ambulance (from what I could see out the windows). 

With eyes as wide as saucers, I turned to Deena who was still staring at the monitor and said:

Me: What in the world did I miss?!!!

Deena: Watch this.

She then replayed what had happened and how everything started. The camera switched to the second floor security camera and what happened was almost something from a Jerry Springer episode (no offense).

You see a man seemingly innocent, sitting a table eating with his lady friend. There's a little boy (maybe 7) next to them playing with one of the toys from our Happy Meals, eating in peace. All of a sudden you see the man jump up from his seat with his hands up in the air (we had no sound with our security system) and the irate woman rushing towards the man full throttle. 

The kid looks up unfazed and the woman stands up to move behind the row of seats, "safe" from the other womans anger. 

All of a sudden, she punches the guy in his face and knocks him backwards, where he hit his head on the seats and slid down to the ground. He was knocked out and if that wasn't enough, the lady grabbed all the food on the table and threw it on the guy. French fries, ketchup, burgers, drinks, everything. 

The other lady friend? Rushing towards the elevator to escape the rage taking place. The kid? Sitting at the table still eating his fries. Seems to me this isn't anything new. 

With all the food poured over this poor guy, the lady grabs his by the ankles, drags him to the stairs, then proceeds to literally DRAG him down the stairs. 

You guys. Our stairs are not soft by any means, so even a slip on them could be painful. This guy was being dragged down them.

Once at the bottom, the lady kicked the guys limp body to the edge of our counter (not that far from the last step) and screamed. That's when I went to check on everything. 

Apparently when Matt went out to talk to her, she told him he was cheating with someone else and took their son to eat with his new girl. Not only that, but apparently the son's mother dropped the guy and his son off at our McDonald's, thinking he was coming for an interview and was told they'd take the bus home after they had eaten. 

How she found out he was doing something else, I'm still not sure, but she found out and shit got real. 

After about 10 minutes or so, the commotion had settled down and the police had taken a copy of the security footage. The woman was arrested, the man was whisked away in an ambulance, the girlfriend (or whoever she was) came out of hiding (I think she just hid in the elevator) and sat with the kid until his grandma (I think) came and picked him up. Luckily he had her phone number in his phone (what kid at 7 years old has a cell phone???) and she was able to get him.

From that point forward, our crew was bombarded with questions and interviews. I guess the guy ended up being in stable condition (thank God), but the woman...well let's just say she got a whole new wardrobe. Soon everyone in town knew the whole story and asked us about it when they came to eat. Most of us didn't talk about it, but eventually crew members gossiped about the entire situation with customers. 

The owner also decided to upgrade our security system, allow for sound and a multi-screen monitor to allow for [hopefully] better outcomes in situations like this. How it would've affected the situation that unfolded, I don't know, but I'm not one to question a man who owns a McDonald's. 

Believe it or not though, this isn't even the most dramatic thing that happened at that McDonald's! There was a night when we had a gang fight unfold in front of customers! Yup, shit got real-er!!!

Want to hear that story? Stick around for more CFAME! Until next time Jedi's, may the force be with you all.

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