Friday, March 3, 2017

Food Feature Friday #19: Sick Days Made Easier.

Unfortunately something has clung to my immune system and started creating a scratchy throat. While being sick is nothing new or interesting, it does give me a chance to try and use a new tea that I've been wanting to try out. 

When I went to the Baron's Market grand opening back in December, I purchased a couple teas. One of which was specifically for throats during trying times like the one I'm currently going through, called "Throat Cozy". 

"Throat Cozy" is a tea with marshmallow root, which is infamous for helping ease the frustrating pain of sore throats. Well, at least actual marshmallows are. It has something to do with the gelatin helping to coat your throat, giving the irritated and dry problem a sense of relief. 

Seeing as how it's caffeine free and we aren't huge fans of sore throats in general, I decided to pick up this tea in hopes that when the time came, it would indeed give a sense of relief. Besides, my padawan loves drinking tea so having this tea during flu season just seemed like a smart buy. 

Now that I started to actually experience a sore throat, I decided to take this time and test out my newest tea. After all, it's not just sold at Baron's Market. That means if it's a good tea and readily available in your location, it could potentially be a significant help to all of you, hence the review and blog post. 

I steeped my tea in under a minute using my brand new water machine (see that post HERE) and after putting in some honey with a dash of sugar, I began CAREFULLY sipping my scorching hot tea. 

Let me start out by saying that this Throat Coat has a distinct smell of sweet flowers. I don't know why, but it gives off the essence of a sugary flower field. The taste itself is a tad sweet as well, without any sugar or honey, but not too overwhelming. Personally I felt as if I was licking a sugar cane before the honey and afterwards it toned down a tad. 

As for the actual affects from this tea, I can say that while it definitely didn't hurt my throat at all, it wasn't an immediate relief. After one full cup however, I noticed a difference in the severity of my itchy throat. It stopped agitating me to the point of coughing constantly and the next morning (today) I felt as if I was at the end of my sickness.

I'm not saying that it's an all magically healing tea that combats all your cold symptoms, but I am saying that I for sure noticed a difference in how my overall throat felt. I also think the tea helped me sleep with ease and cut my sore throats potential pain down. Today I only felt like my throat was healing, but not dry or itchy in the least.

To give further clarification, I began to feel sickish yesterday with an itchy throat and drank this tea last night. So for my throat to go from "hey, I'm coming for you" and go straight to "alright I'm done here" without hitting the "I'm going to make you hate eating for a few days", I was beyond impressed.

Do I think it was the tea completely? It could've been a mix of the tea and some elderberry gummies I took as a precaution, but I do thoroughly believe the tea played a huge role in my progression. 

The taste itself was very smooth, although I wouldn't recommend it as an every night tea. It can be a bit "too much" after one cup of tea, but if you were to only use it as needed for sore throats, I don't think you'd get sick of this seemingly sweet marshmallow root tea. Plus, it smells amazing when steeping. 

There you have it guys, this weeks review. I know it's not an extravagant item to be talking about, but it is a helpful tip for those who may be dealing with sore throats. Especially with Spring right around the corner - which means pollen central - I thought giving those allergen sufferers a head start to [hopefully] a less painful season. 

Until next time, may the force be with you all!

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