Friday, March 17, 2017

Food Feature Friday #21: Chicken Wings on a Friday Night!

It's Friday, the weather was amazing (in sunny San Diego), and the vibes are good all around. So what food would make this Friday night even better? Chicken wings!

Chicken wings are the staple to a good Summer afternoon and sporting events. Granted it's not summer time and we didn't watch sports (yes I'm aware college basketball is going on), but that didn't deter me from wanting to chow down on some spicy chicken wings. Question was, where would I get my finger licking goodies at? 

More often than not I find that chicken wings can be on the pricier side of the spectrum when going to a "fast food" styled place, so grocery stores seem to be the best bet. So long as they ACTUALLY do them right. If you don't want to pay the price for hot and ready wings, you could always go down the more "frowned" upon path and purchase frozen wings. 

Yes of course you could make homemade wings with a few key ingredients and spices, but I had zero time for that today and a mean hankering for delicious wings. Personally I don't see the big deal with frozen wings (meaning they're delicious to me and I don't care what anyone thinks), so I made it a point to head to the grocery store and purchase some. 

Now I had initially intended to purchase a bag from Costco, but during my trip to Trader Joe's (which I had only planned to buy almond butter from) I noticed an 
item I had not tried before but so desperately craved at that exact moment. Chicken wings.

Sure you may have noticed them - since they were released in 2015 - but I had not known of this splendid find until today. Naturally I picked up a bag and skipped (not literally) my happy self home, only to immediately turn on the oven and bake these beauties. 

After about 30 minutes (depending on how your oven cooks) in the traditional oven, I was granted a mouthwatering whiff of decadent spicy chicken wings and immediately poured a bowl of ranch to dip these savory wings in.

Upon the first bite, I fell in love. 

But it wasn't all fun and yum. There were a few "bad sides" to these $5.99 bag of wings. The biggest issue really is the quantity. The quality over all is excellent for the price and it's exactly what I want in chicken wings, but to only get [roughly] 8 wings in a bag was a bit disappointing. 

I am aware that it's an average amount for the price, but I suppose I was holding hope for a better bargain. 

Regardless of the juicy, tender, and flavorful chicken wings coming in a limited quantity, I will DEFINITELY repurchase these savory finger foods. 

They are perfect for a one person dinner or an "appetizer" for two. They have the perfect balance of juicy chicken and spicy sauce. I have to say they aren't spicy to where you'd be dying for water - which isn't a quality I like when it comes to chicken wings, but to each their own - but it's just enough kick for the "average" taste bud. 

All in all, these wings were perfection for my craving. So if you're in the market for some delicious and easy chicken wings, head to Trader Joe's and pick up a pack of their "Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings"!

(I know I didn't take a pic of the wings cooked, I will tomorrow...yes I'm making more) 

Ps. we DID in fact complete the tank and set it all up, but that will be shown on Monday's post in a full review/tutorial. Have a great weekend Jedi's!

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